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Uniting the Colonists Coach Medford Building History Champions.

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1 Uniting the Colonists Coach Medford Building History Champions

2 Objectives Describe the causes for the development of conflict between Britain and the colonies Explain the consequences of that conflict and how it motivated colonial leaders and others to act Draw conclusions about tensions between the colonists and the British that led up to the Boston Massacre

3 Thoughts I think the colonists would unite together if the British …… I think the Boston Tea Party was a direct result of the …..

4 Questions How did the American colonists react to the Boston Massacre? Who was the first colonist killed by the British. How did the British government react to the actions of the colonists?

5 1768 Parliament receives word that the colonies are about to rebel – reject British authority British Parliament sends additional troops to Boston Colonists feel this violates their rights and certain laws have violated their rights Redcoats are rude, poor, and compete with Bostonians for jobs

6 Boston Massacre How does Paul Revere depict the events of the Boston Massacre? What events would lead the British to fire into a a crowd running away? What else made Paul Revere famous?

7 Violence in the Streets March 5, 1770 violence erupts in Boston Fight between Bostonians and soldiers Colonists throw bottles, snowballs and various objects at Private White Private White request back up Colonists begin to taunt more soldiers yelling fire – church bells ring which represents a fire in the town, more people take to the streetss

8 People shout “We did not sent for you. We will not have you here. We’ll get rid of you, we’ll drive you away!” “Come on, you rascals, you bloody backs, you lobster scoundrels, fire, if you dare.” “Are the inhabitants to be knocked down in the streets? Are they to be murdered?” How would these comments make you feel if they were directed to you?

9 Boston Massacre Eventually the British get nervous and fire Five colonists killed First killed was Crispus Attacks, a dockworker who was part African and part Native American Colonists call this encounter the Boston Massacre John Adams defends the British Soldiers in court

10 Boston Massacre Does this engraving accurately depict the events that took place? This pictures spreads through the colonies. Why would Sam Adams and Paul Revere depict the event this way? Looking at the picture as a colonist; would you be more or less likely to take up arms against Britain? Did the picture work?

11 Spreading the Word Colonial leaders use the killings as propaganda – information designed to influence opinion Samuel Adams puts up posters describing the Boston Massacre as a slaughter of innocent Americans Stronger boycott of British goods results Parliament repels the Townshend Acts, except on tea How does the artists depict the Tea Act?

12 Committee of Correspondence 1772 – Samuel Adams revives the Boston committee of correspondence, a group of protestors Other colonies begin their own committees of correspondence Colonies begin to unite together as protestors of British measures Explain how the Boston Massacre affected the relations between the colonists and Britain. Use evidence from the notes.


14 British East India Company Vital to British economy To help save company, Parliament passes the Tea Act Reduces taxes on tea, but forces colonists to buy tea from the company Colonists do not want to pay taxes or be told what to do Colonists vow to prevent the company from unloading their ships Boston Harbor – By P. Revere Rather than parting with freedom. “We’ll part with our tea” – Daughters of Liberty

15 Boston Tea Party East India Company continues to send tea to the colonies Colonist in New York and Philadelphia force the ships to turn around 1773 – Governor of Boston orders ships to be unloaded December 16, at midnight, colonists (mostly the Sons of Liberty) dressed as Native Americans, throw 342 chest of tea overboard

16 Results of the Tea Party Colonists celebrate this as a victory Most colonists do not speak out against the British, they still see themselves as British citizens Explain why you believe that the colonists still saw themselves as British. Where there benefits to being British citizens? Where there drawbacks?


18 Intolerable Acts King George realizes Britain is losing control of the colonies “We must either master them or totally leave them to themselves.” 1774 – Parliament passes the Coercive Acts to punish the colonists One part of the act allowed British troops to stay in homes of colonists

19 Massachusetts & the Coercive Acts Bans town meetings in Massachusetts Closed Boston Harbor Stopped the shipments of foods and goods Tried to cut Massachusetts of from the other colonies It backfired and brought the colonies together Colonies send food and other goods Quebec Act – creates a Canadian government and gives them land in the Ohio River Valley How is the Quebec Act a slap in the face of the colonists?

20 Review Questions List the affects of the Coercive Acts on the Citizens of Boston. How did Samuel Adams and Paul Revere use propaganda to rally colonists after the Boston Massacre? Explain how the British punished the colonists for the Boston Tea Party. Why do you think John Adams defended the British troops?

21 Homework Create a picture, pamphlet or newspaper article showing support or reservations of how the acts affect your life as a colonists

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