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Alcatel-Lucent IP Telephony Demo. Metropark Timeline 2003 19851993 1994 19962000 2005 2007 Unitel Communications is launched after IBM purchases ROLM.

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1 Alcatel-Lucent IP Telephony Demo

2 Metropark Timeline 2003 19851993 1994 19962000 2005 2007 Unitel Communications is launched after IBM purchases ROLM Metropark Services starts as full service data delivery consulting agency 1990 Unitel and MetroServ merge to become Metropark Communications Metropark purchases PMRN Engineering Metropark purchases CDN Consulting Metropark purchases BC Data & PC Metropark partners with NBX CORP Metropark partners with 3Com Corp Metropark launches NBX HelpDesk w/ offices in NJ, CA, AZ, FL, WA, Metropark purchases nonet ISP & IntenseNet ISP Metropark launches WiredWireless LLC Metropark launches VoIP Software Co. Metropark top honors & awarded Gold Elite Metropark opens Chicago & Virginia Branch Offices and Partners with Alcatel Lucent Metropark launches Vendor Consolidation Program

3 19251947 1954 19581962 1963 1972 1979 1988 1999 2000 2005 1940 Facsimile Transistor First Cellular Network Solar Cell The LASER Digital Transmission of Voice T1 is invented TouchTone Telephone UNIX and C invented Single Chip DSP Trans Atlantic Fiber SoftSwitch Binary Computer Mobile Phone Digital Cellular Wireless LAN 30,000th Patent A company you can TRUST

4 A True Leader +10 million people use Alcatel- Lucent OmniPCX Office + 400 000 companies have chosen Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office

5 Modular, scalable & easy expansion Flexible solution Feature-rich (call-by-name, conference… ) Open communication server Call-by-name: 3,000 names directory 60 min integrated voicemail, 2 ports 2 min customized music on hold 2 system languages Automatic Route Selection: ARS Up to 200 Softphone PIMphony basic Personal assistant ISDN/PSTN IP Internet Advanced Call Server Voicemail capacity & features Up to 10 min music on hold Automated attendant Intelligent greetings On-site DECT or WiFi mobility PIMphony Pro & Team Collaboration & off-site mobility services with Extended Communication Server LAN switching & WiFi infrastructure

6 Phone Attendant Console High end digital station Internal and external call monitoring 8 attendant groups 8 attendants in a group Internal or external forwarding Digital add-on modules (direct supervision) Headsets PC-based attendant console Professional welcome Easy to manage and to understand Ergonomically enhanced Easy to use

7 PC-based Attendant Console PIMphony attendant Up to 15 inbound simultaneous calls managed One click transfer Text messages Deflect transfer to voicemail Contact card screen pop Multi-site supervision & management screen Rich extension information status Centralized phonebook for up to 10 sites Digital add-on modules (direct supervision) Headsets Professional welcome for high traffic Single receptionist for multi-sites PC-based ergonomics and efficiency

8 9 SERIES digital phones 8 SERIES IP Touch phones 9 SERIES digital phones for traditional telephony 8 SERIES IP Touch phones for IP Telephony 8 & 9 SERIES phones Adjustable graphical display, color on 4068 1x20 character display (4008, 4018/19) Alphabetical keyboard, dial by name Direct access to directory Direct access to mail box Hands free, loudspeaker, mute key Redial key Programmable shortcut keys Both local and remote powering - Remote powering over future-proof to have only one wire Additional Ethernet port with switch - To connect a PC on the same cabling - Except on 4008 Quality of service - Layer 2 / Layer 3 Qos

9 On-site Voice Mobility Indoor and outdoor mobility with multi-cell, roaming, handover and security Connection to standard extension interface Same feature level as fixed digital phone Outdoor base station Explosion proof base station Gain/directional antenna to optimize coverage Indoor DECT base station High traffic capacity Up to 6 channels Remote power feeding Full roaming and handover 300 & 400 DECT handsets High security (handset registered)

10 Professional DECT handsets for on-site voice mobility 300 & 400 DECT handsets Business telephony: multi-line, call-by-name, supervision, voicemail Intuitive interface with 4-way navigator Built-in vibrator Display backlight Integrated antenna Great autonomy Extra features on 400 DECT handset Color display Built-in loudspeaker Headset connector Keyboard backlight Monaural/binaural headset Carrying case Basic/dual desktop charger Answer customers calls immediately, wherever you are in the office Communicate on the move using business telephony services No time wasted Cost saving (no call backs) 400 DECT handset 300 DECT handset

11 On-site voice & data mobility using WiFi Cost savings with a single infrastructure for voice and data services End-to-end professional solution with quality of services Ease of deployment with radio coverage tool OmniAccess Wireless Switch Up to 16 access points/256 devices per switch Fast Ethernet & Gigabit interfaces 802.3af power over Ethernet Centralized access points management Quality of service (802.11e support – WMM) Radio coverage tool with “black spots” detection WiFi access points 802.11a or b/g - 802.11a/b/g 802.3af power over Ethernet sourcing Integrated or detachable antenna IP Touch 310 & 610 WLAN handsets Gain/directional antenna OmniStack LAN switch with power over Ethernet and Layer 2/3 QoS for end-to-end solution OmniAccess 4308 16 access points OmniAccess 4302 6 access points

12 Professional WLAN handsets for on-site voice & data mobility IP Touch 310 & 610 WLAN handsets a/b/g radio Large display 5-way navigator & 4 soft-keys Backlight Hands-free Headset IP-53 support for spraying water and dust resistance MIL STD 810F Proc IV 516.5 Shock resistance Quality of service 802.11e Extra feature on IP Touch 610 Push to talk Monaural/binaural headset Carrying case Rugged holster Clips Single/dual charger Wall-mounted quad charger Extended battery pack Leverage a single WiFi infrastructure for voice and data Answer customers calls immediately, wherever you are in the office Communicate on the move with voice and/or data devices

13 Personal Assistant Automatic call routing to different destinations defined by the user Voice-guided menu to the caller Caller has 5 possible ways to reach you Voicemail options DECT mobility WiFi mobility Always reachable internally or externally (GSM or fixed terminal) No extra hardware needed One number “follow me” advantages

14 Audio Conferencing Cost reduction - Rapid return on investment compared with outsourced audio conferencing services - Reduce travel expenses Increase teamwork efficiency - Weekly team meeting - Task force situation 3-party conference 6-party conference bridge Master + 5 participants Easy to organize and to activate, protected by authentication code Simple access with voice prompts guidance Participants arriving or leaving clearly identified by a tone

15 Enhanced welcome Information available 24 hours / 7 days Direct transfer to the right contact Up to 4 customizable company greetings 2 min customized music on hold 2 system languages Automated attendant - One tree 2 levels Multiple automated attendant - Up to 4 languages - Up to 5 different trees - 3 levels with 10 choices per tree Up to 10 min customized music on hold 4 additional company greetings 2 additional system languages Greeting Messages

16 Intelligent Call Routing OmniTouch Call Center Office Automatic call routing - Caller identification - Direct dialing identification - Automated attendant Automatic Call Distribution - Rotating priority - Fixed priority - Longest idle time Waiting queue management - Up to 8 groups and 32 active agents - 6 messages customized per group Agents and supervisor PC-based applications - Agent assistant - Supervisor console - Statistics manager Softphone PIMphony Pro - with screen pop-ups Route calls to the most skilled person Handle peaks of incoming calls Professional welcome Increase customer satisfaction Improve efficiency of company resources

17 Pimphony softphone: your Personal communication manager PIMphony basic Intuitive interface for call control Centralized call log Programmable call shortcut keys Nomadic mode activation PIMphony Pro: interaction with PIM application (screen pop-up), voicemail management PIMphony Team: assistant and supervisor monitoring facilities PIMphony Attendant: single or multi-site PC-based attendant PIMphony over IP: local or remote Make your phone tasks easy Be efficient and save time Keep track of calls during absence Never lose a call Improve customer satisfaction Online update

18 Teamworking with PIMphony Team Supervise easily a team activity Improve team working Improve customer satisfaction PIMphony Team Team assistant & supervisor facilities Easy and efficient call monitoring and distribution PIMphony IP media - VoIP audio media on PC - USB handset or headset Extended Communication Server - Collaboration and information sharing

19 Collaboration & Information Sharing At anytime, anywhere on any device: independence with as regard to the terminal type No software installation on customer stations: Web interfaces Integration with Microsoft Outlook© client Secure, data remains in the company OmniPCX Office with Extended Communication Server Sharing easily information across the company Communication and collaboration tools: e-mail, shared calendar, shared contacts, shared documents, business telephony services (unified messaging, click-to-call, …) PIMphony IP media VoIP audio media on PC USB handset or headset Secure web interface on PC & notebooks Integration with MS Outlook® PIMphony Team included

20 State-of-the-Art Telephony Infrastructure OmniPCX Office Compact Edition native wall-mounted 3 rack choices according to capacity required, OmniPCX Office Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 are rack based and stackable Average 10 min battery back-up Hot pluggable boards Wall-mounting kit Data bay integration: rack mounting kit Standard power back-up (90 min) Enhanced power back-up: external battery pack (up to 8 hours) Easy to expand Complies to all open standards Easy to maintain Flexible power supply autonomy

21 Connections Internet xDSL Ethernet LAN interface Radio base station for DECT handsets WiFi infrastructure for WLAN handsets Remote access service CTI TAPI 2.1 CSTA interface XML interfaces Flexible to fit your needs Scalable to evolve with you Modular with a large choice of connections Open to external applications Analog/digital public access IP networks Digital phone connection for Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES and Reflexes phones IP phone connection for Alcatel-Lucent 8 SERIES Connection for analog and fax sets CTI TAPI 2.0 interface IP ISDN/PSTN Internet

22 Q & A

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