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1 Business Communication Systems (BCS) EXP1240 Series IP DECT Cordless System for Mobility EXP1240 Series.

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1 1 Business Communication Systems (BCS) EXP1240 Series IP DECT Cordless System for Mobility EXP1240 Series

2 2  Introduction to EXP1240 Series  Benefits of DECT Cordless Technology  Key Benefits of EXP1240 Series  Product Packages  Availability  Demo  Q&A EXP1240 Series

3 3 INTRODUCTION TO EXP1240 SERIES EXP1240 Series is the latest solution for mobility in the SMB market. Offers convenience and versatility of mobile communication in the office utilizing the latest cordless communication technology, DECT6.0. EXP1240H-UNIEXP1240B-UNI EXP1240 Series

4 4 DECT CORDLESS TECHNOLOGY Communication between base station and handset utilizes the latest wireless technology, DECT6.0. MICROWAVE 1900MHz2000MHz2400MHz 1920MHz1930MHz -High Quality Voice -Less Interference -Longer Talk Time EXP1240 Series

5 5 SYSTEM OVERVIEW IP DECT Cordless System 8 Voice Paths per Base Unit. Register up to 30 Handsets to Base Unit. Up to 40 Base Units per system. Supports up to 200 Handsets per system. SW upgrade over-the-air direct to handsets. Seamless roaming between Base Units. Audio Codecs: G.711, G.726, G.729* and G.722 (HD Voice) IP PBX Seamless Roaming / Handover *G.729 requires additional hardware and license. EXP1240 Series

6 6 EXP1240B-UNI Base Station Manages connections via SIP with the IP PBX. Handles call control and audio routing for handsets. Onboard web configuration Interface. Status LED Comes with desk stand Wall or ceiling mountable EXP1240 Series

7 7 EXP1240H-UNI Handset Mobile handset for the end user to roam, make, receive, and transfer calls Color display 4 Programmable feature keys Contact and Calls lists Menu of personal settings Comes with rechargeable battery and charger EXP1240 Series

8 8 Message indicator LED HD Voice ready earpiece 2” Color LCD Multi-Function Soft Keys (x3) 5 Way Key for Menu Operation Laser etched dial keys with white backlight Programmable keys - Speed dials & Feature Codes (x4) Index paper for key assignment Handset charger with charging indicator LED 2 nd battery charger with indicator LED on back EXP1240H-UNI EXP1240 Series

9 9 EXP1240H-UNI – Handset Menu Contacts – Includes Speed Dial Setup Central Directory Calls - All - Answered - Dialed - Missed EXP1240 Series

10 10 Connectivity - Register - Deregister Alarms - Alarm; Off, On - Recurrent alarm - Snooze time; 1-10 min EXP1240H-UNI – Handset Menu EXP1240 Series

11 11 Settings - Time & Date - Language - LED Signal; Green, Yellow, Red (Off, Missed, Voice Msg, Low Battery) - Security; Automatic keylock, Change PIN - Handset name - Reset settings - Status - Auto answer - Silent charging - Do Not Disturb - Power Save EXP1240H-UNI – Handset Menu EXP1240 Series

12 12 Audio Settings - Ring Volume - Ring melody - Alert Volume - Alert tone - Vibrator - Key sound - Confirmation sound - Coverage warning EXP1240H-UNI – Handset Menu EXP1240 Series

13 13 Site Planning How many EXP1240B-UNI base stations and where? –Base station coverage for handsets –Locating base stations for good signal strength to ensure seamless handover –Consider obstacles that can lessen signal strength between base stations: metal, concrete, thick walls. EXP1240 Series

14 14 Site Planning Call traffic expectations –Number of users –Number of calls –Heavier areas of use. Some areas may require a higher concentration of base stations. EXP1240 Series

15 15 Easy Installation Connect BASE to LAN (use PoE switch or adapter) Obtain BASE IP with EXP1240H-UNI IPSearch tool Connect to BASE via web browser Enter Time Server and SIP Server information Configure extensions and register EXP1240 handsets Make calls! - Enable Multi Cell with a unique chain ID - EXP1240B-UNI are added to the MultiCell system with the same chain ID EXP1240 Series

16 16 Multi Cell Used to scale up and expand mobility, base stations can be linked together. Base stations are linked together with a system chain ID. Base stations must be close enough to each other to maintain DECT synchronization. A chain of base stations that will provide the desired mobility coverage for users with the signal strength between base stations to ensure synchronization for seamless handover. EXP1240 Series

17 17 Multi Cell Up to 6 Levels, 40 Bases – Spatial View 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 EXP1240 Series

18 18 Roaming / Handover EXP1240 Series

19 19 EXP1240B-UNI Small Office Deployment EXP1240 Series

20 20 EXP1240B-UNI Larger Office Deployment EXP1240 Series

21 21 Range and Multi-Cell Setup & Site Survey Kit EXP1240 Series

22 22 KEY BENEFITS  Seamless hand-off between base units  No audible quality loss during handover  Simultaneous talk up to 8 handsets per base  Load balancing capabilities  Easy to install  Built-in site survey tool EXP1240 Series

23 23 PRODUCT PACKAGES 1. EXP1240H-UNI DECT Handset and Charger 2. EXP1240B-UNI DECT Base Station (SIP) EXP1240 Series

24 24 Thank you! For more information, please contact your product manager. EXP1240 Series

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