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University of Baltimore Telecommunications Technology

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1 University of Baltimore Telecommunications Technology
Overview February 17, 2006

2 Discussion Items Project Description Project Tasks and Phases
Technology Overview Q&A

3 The procurement of a new state-of-the art campus telephone system
Project Description The procurement of a new state-of-the art campus telephone system

4 Project Tasks and Phases
Needs Assessment Technology Overview Meetings with Departments/User Groups Physical Inspections and Site Surveys Systems and services is use Cable infrastructure Physical infrastructure – space, power, etc. Benchmarking Analysis What are other universities doing?

5 Project Tasks and Phases
Procurement and Installation Development of Specifications Preparation of Request for Proposals Evaluation of Proposals Vendor Selection Contract Negotiation Installation

6 History of Telephone Systems
Manual Systems Connections made by Operator at Telephone Company Magneto dial-less telephones Dial Systems 1st Placed in service 1896 The “Strowger” system Rotary dial telephones

7 History of Telephone Systems
Private (Automated) Branch Exchange – PBX or PABX Enterprise-based telephone systems evolved throughout the 1900’s From mechanical -- electromechanical -- electronic From analog to digital (proprietary by vendor) From feature-poor to feature-rich From centralized/monolithic to distributed architecture

8 Today’s Telephone System
Copper Backbone Cable Copper Horizontal Cable Copper Station Cable Wall Jack Phone Wiring Closet Cross Connects PBX

9 Today’s Data Network Fiber Optic Backbone Cable Copper Horizontal
Station Cable Wiring Closet LAN Switch Wall Jack PC Core Switch

10 Today’s Services Fiber Optic Backbone Cable Wiring Closet LAN Switch
PC Core Switch Wall Jack Copper Backbone Cable Phone Wiring Closet Cross-Connects PBX

11 Likely New Architecture – IP Telephony/VoIP
Telephone Server or IP-PBX Fiber Optic Backbone Cable Copper Data Grade Horizontal Cable 4 Pairs Copper Station Cable Wiring Closet LAN Switch Wall Jack Copper Station Cable Core Switch PC

12 Alternative Solutions
IP PBX, IP-ready PBX, IP-enabled PBX Pure Voice over IP Platforms Hosted Solutions

13 Call Center Technology
Hunt Groups – Early attempts to distribute calls Uniform Call Distribution Simple call distribution as an internal PBX feature Automatic Call Distribution/Call Center Separate server providing enhanced call distribution functions, real time call center management, and historical/real time management reporting capabilities Supports outgoing and incoming calls Call center agents may be centrally located or distributed In IP environment, call center agents may literally be anywhere where an Internet connection can be made (main office, remote office, home, etc.) Typically used in financial aid, class registration, other high volume areas

14 Call Center Technology
Contact Center – Integrates telephone, , web chat and other communications methods Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Integrates telephone system with database applications Allows callers to access information and perform transactions without human intervention Check balances Make payments Check course availability Register for courses

15 Messaging Systems Voice Mail Automated Attendant Unified Messaging
Route calls Respond to frequently asked questions (directions, etc.) Unified Messaging Integrates , voice mail, fax Allows access to voice mail messages and fax from Potentially access messages via a telephone.

16 System Features and Capabilities
Most commonly used features exist on all systems Hold Transfer Forwarding Conferencing Call Pickup Call Waiting Speed Dialing Auto Dialing Distinctive Ringing These features can be configured on any/all phones at no additional cost.

17 Features and Capabilities
Recent Features Caller Identification Call Trace E9-1-1 Notification Intuitive Display Wireless Telephones Web-Enabled Telephones These features impact the cost of the system

18 Q&A

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