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Bell Ringer Complete the following: ________’s election in 1860 led to the _________ of Southern states Lincoln ----- secession.

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1 Bell Ringer Complete the following: ________’s election in 1860 led to the _________ of Southern states Lincoln ----- secession

2 Bell Ringer After the Battle at __________, Lincoln issued the ____________ _________ which ____ _____ in “areas of rebellion” (1862) Antietam – Emancipation Proclamation – freed slaves

3 Bell Ringer Opening shots of the war: ______ ______, SC - 1861 Battle of __________, PA: Turning point: victory for the North -1863 Fort Sumter -- Gettysburg

4 Quotes “We hold it to be the duty of the government to inflict punishment on the rebels… The whole fabric of southern society must be changed. Thaddeus Stevens, “Radical Republican” leader of Congress With malice toward none, with charity for all…let us bind up the nation’s wounds.. and achieve a just and lasting peace. Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address

5 The Civil War Amendments- read the amendments on pgs 168-170 and in your own words write what the amendments accomplished. 13 th 14 th 15 th Can you find the flaw in the 15 th Amendment?

6 Reconstruction The southern states were left embittered and devastated by the war. What kind of things were destroyed in the war? What problems did the nation have to solve?

7 Reconstruction At the end of the war, there was no agreed-upon plan for Reconstruction Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan – “charity for all” Congress’s Wade-Davis Bill (Radical Republicans) – “punish the South” After Lincoln’s death, Andrew Johnson becomes president Johnson’s plan let the South in quickly, but did not protect rights of freed blacks

8 What did the Black Codes do? “All freedmen, free negroes, and mulattoes in this State, with no lawful employment or business, or found unlawful assembling themselves together either in the day or night shall be fined fifty dollars” How were African-Americans controlled in the South?

9 Battles over Reconstruction Congress battles with President Johnson on Freedman’s Bureau – social, legal help Civil Rights Act – no racial discrimination 14 th Amendment Congress passes bills  Johnson vetoes them  Congress overrides the vetoes Johnson tries to defeat the 14 th Amendment “Swing Around the Circle” – he fails!

10 Congressional Reconstruction pgs. 379- top of 381 Terms (4) Picture caption (1) page 379 Summary After Lincoln’s death, Congress took control Of Reconstruction.

11 Impeachment of the President Why was President Johnson impeached? What was the outcome of the trial?

12 Reconstruction Act of 1867: Congress divides the South into military districts

13 Ulysses S. Grant wins a close election Confederates were not allowed to vote Support from carpetbaggers and scalawags And for the 1 st time…freed African- Americans Election of 1868


15 Opposition to Reconstruction Who might oppose Reconstruction? Who were the Redeemers? What did they do to oppose Reconstruction?

16 The “Invisible Empire of the South” “Of course he wants to vote for the Democratic ticket”

17 The Failure of Federal Enforcement

18 The End of Reconstruction Why does support for Reconstruction end? Northerners have moved on Political scandals in Grant’s administration Economic depression: Panic of 1873 After the 15 th Amendment, many think the work is done Supreme Court weakens Amendments The South regains control…

19 Compromise of 1877 The END of Reconstruction No one clearly wins the Presidential election – Hayes (R) v Tilden (D) Congress makes a deal: Republicans get Hayes as president if the South gets: federal troops removed money for rail, rebuilding, projects to govern themselves without Northerners

20 Word Map Was sharecropping a good idea for landowners? For poor whites and freedmen? Definition: 11 th grade sentence: Drawing: Synonym: Sharecropping

21 Conclusion The North and Midwest industrialized, but the South would remain a backward, agriculture- based economy and the poorest section of the nation for many decades.

22 Test Homework Read pages 383-392 Answer Main Idea questions 4-6 pg.402 Study Guide!

23 SOL Review Which of the following best describes the impact of European settlement on American Indians during the colonial period? A) Many American Indians died from European diseases. B) Many American Indian tribes used European military tactics to retain their lands C) Many American Indians were educated in reservation schools. D) European settlers were unable to convert American Indians to Christianity

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