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Camless Rotating Cylinder Engine Project Presentation.

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1 Camless Rotating Cylinder Engine Project Presentation

2 Recognition of the problem: Fossil fuels are at the verge of extinction. Its obvious we just cant stop using them at once. We have to use them wisely and efficiently so that it lasts longer and also creates less pollution.

3 What is the project ? It is the first major modification since the invention of the four stroke engine. This engine uses a rotating cylinder mechanism for the operation of valves. Use of this multifunctional cylinder decreases the parts count and weight of the engine also gets decreased thus increasing the overall performance of the engine.

4 Why automobile industry needs such change? Various drawbacks of poppet valves as follows:-  Reduced efficiency  More number of parts to operate poppet valve  Extra manufacturing, maintenance and handling cost

5 THE CHANGE The cavities on the sleeve are made to function as inlet and outlet valves for the CRC engine.

6 A pinion attached to the crankshaft drives crown gear which is attached to the sleeve which rotates at half the crankshaft speed

7 How does it work? The four strokes of the CRC engine are as follows 1.Suction 2.Compression 3.Power 4.Exhaust

8 Suction Piston moves from the TDC to BDC with exhaust valve closed & inlet valve open

9 Compression In this stroke both valves are closed & the piston is moving from BDC to TDC.

10 Power Spark plug ignites the fuel during this stroke while both valves are closed, and the piston moves from TDC to BDC.

11 Exhaust Piston moves from BDC to TDC and the exhaust valve is opened.

12 BENEFITS Light Weight Better Fuel Efficiency Easy & economic to manufacture & maintenance Less number of moving parts No special machinery needed for manufacturing Energy conserving Better power output Multiple fuel capability Less Noisy Compact in size Dual Power Output Multi Utility Designs Less Vibration Portable engine size possible No valve bounce at high speed

13 Future Research Direction 1.Decreasing friction between sleeve & head by using floating seals 2.Increasing turbulence by changing piston design 3.Decreasing the problem of overheating at full load by direct cylinder oil cooling 4.Decreasing oil consumption by revised cylinder/crankcase oil distribution 5.Decreasing seal wear by using powder coating technology for seal material 6.Use of self lubricating metals for rotting cylinder/sleeve to further reduce the frictional losses.


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