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© 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware vCenter Capacity IQ overview David Morahan Technical Pre-sales.

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1 © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware vCenter Capacity IQ overview David Morahan Technical Pre-sales

2 2 Confidential Capacity Management Methods Homegrown Solution Excel spreadsheet SQL / Perl script Purpose-Built Tool Off-the-shelf software Best of breed expertise Rule of Thumb Guesstimates Tacit knowledge Subjective to experiential bias Overly conservative to be safe Time-consuming to build, maintain, prepare and analyze Static snapshot in time Automated and continuous capacity intelligence Enables informed, real-time decision-making “It worked for me in the past…” “To be safe, I’ll add an x% buffer…”

3 3 Confidential VMware vCenter CapacityIQ Analyze, forecast, and plan virtualized datacenter or desktop capacity Benefits Deliver the right capacity at the right time Make informed planning, purchasing, and provisioning decisions Enable capacity to be utilized most efficiently and cost- effectively Key Features Perform “What-If” impact analysis to model effect of capacity changes Identify and reclaim unused capacity Forecast timing of capacity shortfalls and needs

4 4 Confidential vCenter CapacityIQ Overview

5 5 Confidential CapacityIQ Use Cases  Are my VMs sized correctly?  Can I reclaim over-provisioned or unused capacity?  When will I run out of capacity?  What if I add, remove, reconfigure capacity? Visibility into Available Capacity Efficient Use of Existing Capacity Ability to Predict Future Needs  How many more VM’s will fit in my current VI?  What is my historical capacity utilisation?

6 6 Confidential Capacity Dashboard At-a-glance charts and graphs Datacenter to individual VM Managed objects and compute resources Deployed and remaining capacity perspectives

7 7 Confidential Capacity Modeling Impact analysis of capacity changes Based on What-If modeling scenarios: simulated set of changes in capacity demand or supply Historical resource trends Virtualization-awareness Recognizes VMware HA- and DRS-enabled clusters, and factors those into the predictions What if I add more VMs? Is there enough capacity? Cluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3 VMware Infrastructure ???

8 8 Confidential Capacity Optimization Identify and Reclaim Inefficient, Unused Capacity Right-size or decommission unused or inefficient VMs Use the capacity modeling to predict the savings Eliminate waste and reduce costs in your organization

9 9 Confidential VM Profiling Analysis of VM behavior and resource demands Accounts for  CPU, Memory, Storage, Network  Peak and average resource demand over time Average VM Profile used as basis for capacity estimates Virtual Machine = Basic Unit of Capacity Consumption

10 10 Confidential VM Profiling: Idle and Powered-Off VMs Idle Capacity Idle VMs: VM has consistently low resource utilization over a long period of time Powered-Off VMs: VM has been powered off over a long period of time Zzz...

11 11 Confidential VM Profiling: Oversized and Undersized VMs Demand Capacity VM Sizing Opportunities Oversized VMs: VM has been allocated more capacity than it needs Undersized VMs: VM needs more capacity than it has been allocated

12 12 Confidential

13 13 Confidential VMware vCenter CapacityIQ Managing capacity in VMware environments is Simple: delivers capacity insight at your fingertips  Installed as an appliance  Managed through vCenter Efficient: enables capacity to be utilized optimally  90% of VM’s are oversized, freeing up 40% of cluster capacity  Removes unused VM’s from inventory Predictable: ensures capacity is always available to meet business demands  Pre planning capacity increases reduces cost  What if analysis, what if you added another host or added 10 new VM’s Capacity Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure!

14 14 Confidential vCenter CapacityIQ Resources VMware vCenter CapacityIQ product page VMware vCenter CapacityIQ Evaluation VMware vCenter CapacityIQ Documentation

15 15 Confidential vForum – 26 th and 27 th October Sydney Lab tutorials 70 Partners from VMware ecosystem Customer sessions with Senior VMware Execs Wide range of Presentation Topics

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