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Capacity and Chargeback Virtual Appliance for VMware ESX October 23, 2007 Alex Bakman.

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1 Capacity and Chargeback Virtual Appliance for VMware ESX October 23, 2007 Alex Bakman

2 VKernel  Founded in August 2006  Management Team with Winning Track Record  Financial Resources and Market Commitment  Depth of Engineering Resource  The only certified Virtual Appliance by VMware We're VKernel—offering the industry's first Capacity and Chargeback Virtual Appliance for VMware ESX.

3 Today’s Objective  What’s different in the Virtualized Data Center  Understand Fidelity’s Requirements  VKernel Solution Overview and Demo  Share or methodology for Chargeback  Show how to calculate Chargeback rates for CPU, Memory, Storage and Network  Wrap up

4 The Virtual Infrastructure Chargeback Problem Shared Environment/ Servers Servers Owned by IT Capacity Management Now Critical Issue Chargeback in a shared environment needs to be consumption based i.e. departments pay for the resources they actually use After Virtualization Dedicated Application Servers Owned by Business Units Capacity Management is a smaller issue Chargeback a “Fixed Cost” Before Virtualization

5 How will you pay for and manage all this new Virtual Infrastructure? Virtual Sprawl Isn’t Free Need to control VM Sprawl Manage Capacity & Scale Recover Costs Justify New Hardware And as the Virtual Infrastructure matures the problem becomes even more pronounced…

6 Operational Readiness in Your Virtual Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Standardization Expansion Rollout POC Hitting the Operational Readiness Wall #1 Hurdle- Chargeback Cost Allocation Resource Utilization Awareness Full Chargeback Capacity Management

7 Why VKernel is needed?  To prevent performance problems  To prevent downtime  To appropriately allocate costs of the new data centers to business users  To justify new hardware purchases  To control VM sprawl

8 Requirements for Capacity and Chargeback Management Measure resource consumption by applications, business units, cost centers, resource pools, and clusters. Never run out of resources: predictive analysis Eliminate datacenter downtime. Quick deployment. Tight integration with Virtual Center Top-down reporting beyond Virtual Center’s capabilities. Alerting on trends Scalable database: Oracle or MS SQL Scheduled Chargeback reports Near zero administration time.

9 VKernel Features and Benefits  No installation or configuration needed: delivered as VMware Virtual appliance. Simply import it to your ESX server  Near Zero Administration. Automatically updates from Clusters, Resource Pools and Folders  Graphs CPU, Memory, Storage and Network utilization by cost center, business unit, application, cluster, resource pool, etc  Generates chargeback reports based on actual usage of resources (memory, CPU, storage, net)  Extensible data fields for Chargeback  Integration: CSV export and Web Services API  Chargeback extensible with company specific fields

10 How VKernel Works… VKernel auto synchronizes with updates to clusters, resource pools and folders and is Vmotion, DRC and HA aware. VKernel meters CPU, memory, storage and network utilization in your ESX environment. The appliance stores information in a database and generates capacity graphs and chargeback reports. VKernel snaps directly into your existing Virtual Center providing near zero administration effort. Virtual CenterVKernel Virtual Appliance Generate resource consumption reports on the core four - memory, CPU, storage and network.

11 Enterprise Chargeback Made Easy Easily bill customers based on actual usage of CPU, memory, storage and network utilization. Automated invoice generation, set it up once and walk away. Add any chargeback items that you want to recover with custom fields such as license fees, cooling costs, labor, etc. Operationally Ready to Scale Your Virtual Infrastructure in Minutes

12 The Brain Cramp How to calculate what to charge for CPU, Memory, Storage and Network?

13 What the marketplace & analysts say… “ While other software vendors target VM resource tracking, at press time VKernel had the virtual appliance market to itself.” Product Review, Network Computing Oct 15, 2007 - By Jonathan Berdyck

14 More info   Downloadable Appliance  White papers  Sample charts  Other cool resources  Try it out and tell your friends

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