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NetApp OnCommand Management Software

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1 NetApp OnCommand Management Software
Storage and Service Efficiency

2 Data Center Transformation
Data Center Virtualization Service-level Automation Application Silos Zones of Virtualization ITaaS (aka Internal Cloud) External Cloud Services Apps Servers Network Application silos and dedicated architectures coupled with low infrastructure utilization rates are forcing data centers to pursue options that can provide efficient and flexible solutions to meet their business needs. The journey from Application Silos to Cloud services includes centralized management, standardization, consolidation, virtualization, optimization and self service (outsourcing). This journey involves a fundamental shift from infrastructure optimization to service optimization. In managing these transitions, Data Centers are measuring their success by the efficiency of their infrastructure and services. NetApp Management Software is directly aimed at helping customers gain the efficiencies of virtualized storage and manage the complexity of these transitions and attain higher levels of storage and service efficiency. Storage Service Efficiency NetApp® OnCommand™ Storage Efficiency

3 Storage and Service Efficiency
Centralize Average Cost Rationalize and Standardize Consolidate and Virtualize Automate Self-Service Thin provisioning Deduplication Clones and Snapshot™ copies As data centers execute the major initiatives (centralized management, standardization, consolidation, virtualization, automation and self service) they realize reduced cost and economies of scale. NetApp Management Software provides these savings through storage efficiencies such as Thin Provisioning, Deduplication, Clones & Snapshot. As data centers begin to optimize service levels NetApp Management Software works to provide service efficiency through policy-based automation and analysis. Storage Efficiency Automation Reduce waste Service analytics Service Efficiency Capacity

4 Challenges to Storage and Service Efficiency
NetApp® OnCommand™ Storage Efficiency Challenges How can I reduce my costs? Unified architecture and management to simplify infrastructure Automate to reduce errors and costs Gain visibility and insight to make better decisions Use open APIs to integrate IT management for end-to-end control Low storage utilization Costly errors Inefficient manual processes VM sprawl Lack of Infrastructure visibility Complex management tools Managing to SLAs As infrastructure is virtualized the resulting computing environment becomes highly dynamic. While these dynamic environments dramatically increase utilization they introduce a level of complexity which if not managed can put at risk the expected benefits. 4 key ways to reduce costs with OnCommand management software: Unified architecture & single management approach to simplify infrastructure Automate to reduce errors and costs Gain visibility and insight to make better decisions Use open APIs to integrate IT management for end to end control and flexibility These solution approaches set up the values in the slide “Why NetApp Management Software” Simple (Unified Architecture and one system that covers physical to virtual to cloud) Efficient (Automation & Analytics to reduce cost of storage and service delivery) Flexible ( Visibility and Insight, integration with 3rd party platforms for better decisions & faster response to changing needs) An example could be recent white paper by Roger Sessions see plexityWhitePaper.pdf estimated that $6.2 trillion has been lost to IT failures. Also see a discussion of it at ZDnet ide-cost-of-it-failure-62-trillion/7627 4

5 Why NetApp OnCommand? Simple Efficient Flexible Most effective
storage for the virtualized data center Single unified approach Physical - virtual - service Efficient Automation and analytics Storage efficiency Service efficiency Reduce IT spend up to 50% Here are some proof points you can use to validate our claims: SIMPLE Half the complexity of competing approaches Single, unified approach Albany International -- ““The simplicity, automation, and ease of use of its NetApp solutions, including NetApp Operations Manager, Systems Manager, and Protection Manager remote management software, have made it possible for Albany International Corp. to get the job done without adding resources, while reducing expenses.” - Jeff Pardi, Manager, Enterprise Data Services, Albany International Corp. NetApp is the most effective storage for the Virtualized data center Analyst downgrades EMC, upgrades NetApp from MarketWatch “[NetApp] is becoming the lead storage vendor in virtualized environments.” Mark Moskowitz, J.P. Morgan “NetApp is the ONLY storage array vendor that is uniquely positioned to deliver this new type of shared storage infrastructure at the enterprise level.” Jerome M. Wendt President & Lead Analyst of DCIG, Inc. EFFICIENT Reduce IT costs up to 50% Forrester TEI, % faster data protection mgmt –Operations Manager and Protection Manager Forrester TEI, % less time to manage (scripts) – Operations Manager & ,Protection Managers Wyman , 2008 (48% - 63% lower internal operational costs over competitor solutions Sensis has achieved a 50% reduction in operational costs with fewer FTE hours per TB needed because of ease of management and flexibility with capacity planning in the new environment FLEXIBLE Choose the “right” solution and evolve it over time We don’t compete – we partner. The BMC, VMware, Microsoft and others are examples of how we provide collaborative solutions to our customers. These integrations enable NetApp’s unique storage efficiency. We integrate with all the major hypervisors and we enable home grown tools to integrate with our platform and leverage the value of our efficiency technologies. Flexible Visibility and insight Open API integrates with third- party management products and hypervisors Rapidly respond to changing demands 5

6 What Is Effective Management? Optimize Storage and Service Efficiency
How can I manage my NetApp® storage infrastructure more effectively? IT INTEGRATION MANAGE Automate Analyze Control The circular arrow is intended to indicate that the operations of Control, Automate and Analyze represent an ongoing process with IT management. Control “How to I manage my NetApp storage infrastructure more effectively?” Control provides centralized management, monitoring, and reporting tools to optimize your NetApp storage and meet your business policy requirements. Proactive real-time problem alerting and detection. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting to assess the health of your storage infrastructure. You get a better view of what is deployed and how it is being utilized, enabling you to improve your storage capacity utilization and increase the productivity and efficiency of your IT administrators. Achieve compliance and conformance with your business policies using enterprise-wide configuration management and distributed policy setting. Device management Problem detection Standardization Monitor and report

7 What Is Effective Management? Optimize Storage and Service Efficiency
How can I reduce the time and complexity to provision and protect NetApp® storage for users? IT INTEGRATION MANAGE Automate Analyze Control Service automation Policy-based workflows Automated error correction Service catalog for SLAs Automate “How can I reduce the time and complexity of provisioning and protecting my NetApp infrastructure?” Enabling service automation allows for the elimination of manual processes that lead to errors and costly down time. Using policy based automation you can standardize the utilization of your storage infrastructure. As you’ll see subsequently the service catalog lets you define service levels that specify attributes of the storage infrastructure. This allows for automating the task of provisioning and protection and frees the admin for more valuable projects.

8 What Is Effective Management? Optimize Storage and Service Efficiency
I need visibility into server, network, and storage infrastructures to achieve service efficiencies and deliver on SLAs IT INTEGRATION MANAGE Automate Analyze Control Analyze “I need detailed visibility into my infrastructure to gain service efficiencies and deliver on SLAs” Gain a holistic view of your storage infrastructure as a unified set of services using analysis, discovery, correlation, service paths, simulation and root cause analysis. Through our Analyze capabilities you get visibility into your complex multi-vendor multi-protocol storage services. Capacity management - Continually improve storage efficiency and reduce capex and opex with efficient capacity management to identify, plan, forecast and provide the right amount, on the right platform. VM optimization - Get service-path visibility into virtual infrastructure environments so you can plan and optimize the alignment of VMs and storage and eliminate capacity and performance concerns. Assurance monitoring - Provide storage service monitoring and assurance visibility into networked storage assets to quickly understand their availability, performance, relationships, and utilization. Capacity planning and chargeback VM optimization Assurance monitoring Multivendor

9 The NetApp Management Strategy Deliver on Storage and Service Efficiency
IT INTEGRATION Access Develop Manage storage infrastructure Control and optimize unified storage Automate for operational efficiency Analyze to gain visibility and insight MANAGE Automate Analyze Integrate for IT management Flexibility to choose best in class Support third-party management platforms Develop custom integrations with SDK This slide and graphic explains the NetApp Management Strategy. Our goal is to help customers realize storage and service efficiency. The are 2 elements to our strategy: MANAGE – Here we provide the capabilities to help customers maximize the effectiveness of their IT infrastructure in meeting and adapting to changing service levels with minimal cost and effort. (Efficiency). This is accomplished with tools that manage the NetApp infrastructure delivering storage and service efficiency (Control, Automate and Analyze). Additionally NetApp Management helps analyze the entire multi-vendor infrastructure stack to assess and ensure optimal efficient use. IT INTEGRATION – Here we extend IT Service delivery to manage the NetApp storage ensuring that all our efficiency benefits are realized through the use of other 3rd party management platforms (Access). We also provide an open, free SDK (Develop) that enables integration of frameworks, in-house tools and applications to manage the NetApp storage infrastructure. The remainder of the presentation will further elaborate on these capabilities. Control Extend IT service delivery to storage

10 NetApp Open Management Interfaces Flexibility to Choose the Right Solution
Virtualization Enterprise Management Management Custom In-House Management Tools IT INTEGRATION MANAGE Access Develop Automate Analyze Control NetApp has adopted an open strategy …BMC is a template to be leveraged with other partners Today we have engaged with partners who fall into 3 broad categories- 1) IT service management or orchestration platforms..from vendors like BMC, CA, HP, IBM and Fujitsu (Resource Orchestrator or 2) management products provided by Virtualization vendors or 3) home grown management platforms..or the emerging cloud management platforms. These management platforms consolidate the management of various elements and give services providers the ability to manage and orchestrate their infrastructure from a single management console. NetApp’s differentiator is our partner strategy and integration. This is in contrast to our competitors who provide access to third party management platforms but also compete with their own Management platforms.

11 NetApp OnCommand Product Portfolio
IT INTEGRATION MANAGE Access Develop Automate Analyze Control MANAGE Control System Manager Operations Manager My AutoSupport™ Automate Provisioning Manager Protection Manager SnapManager® software SnapDrive® software Analyze SANscreen® IT INTEGRATION Access BMC Adapters Virtual Storage Console ApplianceWatch™ PRO Develop SDK NetApp Management Software Portfolio mapping to our current product offerings. 11

12 Thank You © Copyright 2010 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, ApplianceWatch, AutoSupport, OnCommand, SANscreen, SnapDrive, SnapManager, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.

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