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Akorri, Inc. © 2009 BalancePoint Akorri BalancePoint TM Dynamic Data Center Optimization.

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1 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 BalancePoint Akorri BalancePoint TM Dynamic Data Center Optimization

2 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 2 The Challenge: Insight into All Layers of the Virtual Infrastructure How can I ensure Tier-1 applications perform across all layers of the virtual infrastructure? How can identify and target a problem in an integrated virtual infrastructure? I need to drive greater virtualization density. Do I need more capacity, and at which layer? How can I justify my budget? Can we avoid finger pointing between functions on every problem? Applications once were physical, now virtual and we are told they are “slow” now what can we do?

3 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 3 Akorri BalancePoint Overview Virtualize the “hard stuff” Move focus to Tier 1 Apps End-to-end Infrastructure Performance Management Optimize while you virtualize Increase capacity and utilization Reclaim server and storage assets

4 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 4 What we really do…. Troubleshoot Identify bottlenecks, contention Measure & baseline an app’s system performance Determine optimal CPU efficiency for each VM Optimize Determine optimal size of the VM for each app Avoid over- or under-allocating resources Enable effective use of resource pools Plan Shows resource hogs per VM at any point in time Identify available hosting Reclaim unused resources Load balance clusters and resource pools Plan total cluster capacity vs utilization Manage Predict, alert, and report on performance and capacity Prove service level adherence Generate chargeback information

5 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 5 Hypervisor Manager Physical Servers How is Akorri BalancePoint Unique? Optimize Physical & Virtual Servers and Storage Agentless, Cross-domain

6 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 6 BalancePoint provides complete view… App Server Storage VM

7 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 7 Akorri Compliments vCenter Adds visibility into physical & virtual Deep Storage Stats Complete Performance Management Infrastructure response time reports Focus on mission critical applications – Tier 1

8 Akorri, Inc. © 2009 8 Proven Value Accelerate ROI & Savings Quantitative measure of performance & capacity Cut troubleshooting time by 80% or more Deliver automated consistent infrastructure metrics Lower Operating Costs Boost VM density100% Accurately forecast storage requirements Reduce Storage waste 25% or more Reduce Capital Expenditures

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