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Chapter 8 Growing Tensions.

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1 Chapter 8 Growing Tensions

2 Differences create Tension
As immigrants came to Texas trade and population grew Anglos and Mexican government officials clashed Federalist allowed the settlers to do what they wanted Centralist Party came to power in 1829 and stopped all independent work by settlers

3 Trouble in East Texas Haden Edwards permitted to settle 800 families near Nacogdoches Demanded settlers that lived there previously show their land titles ( many didn’t have them) Those that didn’t were told they have to buy new titles or move Jose Saucedo told Edwards that he can’t charge them

4 Republic of Fredonia Benjamin Edwards, Haden’s brother said to solve problem they were to declare the colony independent from Mexico Ally with the Cherokee, Richard Fields 1826 Declared the Republic of Fredonia- present day Nacogdoches Revolt was stopped by Mexican Army

5 Mier y Teran Investigates
Soldiers sent to East Texas because Mexico feared more revolts Jose de las Piedras led soldiers Mexico is fearing the US is trying to take Texas over Fears justified when US ambassador, Anthony Butler proposed that Mexico sells Texas to US Mexican government sends General Mier y Teran to investigate the anglo influence in East Texas

6 Cont.. Mier y Teran told Mexican officials that the Anglo influence was 5:1 and they could lose Texas forever 1829 Mexico decreed that slavery be abolished in Texas

7 Law of April 6, 1830 Stopped immigration from the US
Suspended empresario contracts Encouraged Mexican and European immigration Set up new forts to prevent smuggling, slavery and illegal land speculation Placed customs duties – tax on foreign made goods ( trying to discourage trade with the US)

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