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Wisest fool in Christendom JAMES VI & I. BEFORE ENGLAND.

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1 Wisest fool in Christendom JAMES VI & I


3  Born in 1566  Automatically becomes Duke of Rothesay etc. etc.  Baptized in Catholic church  Protestants force Queen Mary to abdicate in 1567  Raised as a protestant  Beatings, lectures, learning  Long list of regents  James Stewart, Matthew Stewart, John Erskine, James Douglas  Married Anne of Denmark 1589 LIFE BEFORE ENGLAND

4  Mary, Queen of Scots  Elizabeth I dies 1603  Acknowledged James as heir  Great-grandmother was Henry VIII’s sister, Margaret  Coronation 1603  Leaving Scotland  English court CLAIM TO ENGLAND


6  Bye Plot (1603)  Attempt to kidnap James  Roman Catholics and puritans striving for religious tolerance  Main Plot (1603)  Aiming to replace James with his cousin Arabella  Gunpowder Plot (1605)  Failed assassination attempt  Targeted House of Lords  Plan to put his daughter, Elizabeth, on the throne CONSPIRACIES

7 I, A.B. do truly and sincerely acknowledge, profess, testify, and declare in my conscience before God and the world, that our Sovereign Lord King James, is lawful and rightful King of this realm, and of all other in his Majesties Dominions and Countries; And that the Pope neither of himself, nor by any authorities of the Church or See of Rome, or by any means with any other hath any power or authority to depose the King, or to dispose any of his Majesty's kingdoms, or dominions, or to authorize any foreign prince to invade or annoy him, or his countries, or to discharge any of his Subjects of their allegiance and obedience to his Majesty, or to give any license or leave to any of them to bear arms, raise tumult, or to offer any violence, or hurt to his Majesty's royal person, state, or government, or to any of his Majesty's subjects within his Majesty's dominions. THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE (1606)

8 And I do further swear, that I do from my heart abhor, detest and abjure, as impious and heretical, this damnable doctrine and position, that princes which be excommunicated or deprived by the Pope, may be deposed or murdered by their subjects, or any whatsoever.

9  Measures to control Catholics  Hampton Court Conference (1604)  King James Bible  Compromise on Catholics, ‘’any that will be quiet and give but an outward obedience to the law“  Moderate and inclusive approach that also alienated extremists RELIGION

10  Finances  Lavish lifestyle  Favorites  English vs. Scottish  Theory of Monarch  Supporting divine right of kings PARLIAMENT

11  Foundation of unitary state  Colonization  Dynasty  Charles I  Absolutism  Present day monarchs  Assumed the title of King of Great Britain LEGACY

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