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Return to Website. Henry was the Second in line for the throne after his Father’s favourite son Arthur. Henry VII was seen as a usurper of the throne.

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2 Henry was the Second in line for the throne after his Father’s favourite son Arthur. Henry VII was seen as a usurper of the throne and not the rightful heir. Henry VII was a money hoarder and not popular because of taxes. Tudor England was still developing and seen as weak by European monarchy. Henry VIII knew he needed to please all the people, the commoner and the aristocracy. Henry was very clever though his Father disliked him. Catherine was a good political marriage for Arthur, so Henry married her too. Showing of wealth was the best image criteria in Tudor times. Henry was a true sportsman and liked to win, though his opponents preferred to lose. Henry’s one and only true friend, Charles Brandon had lots of high living image. Henry had to compete. Francis I of France had a high image, good looks and a sportsman too, Henry’s main opposition in the image stakes. Henry gave lots of money away to the poor, always their hero in his early year’s, he tried hard to keep their support. Catherine of Aragon was well loved by the people and lost trust in Henry because of the divorce. Ann had little chance to take her place, Henry tried to help but failed. So, why did the most loved, well respected King in Europe, turn into the most despised, hated, feared King in History? He built up a Superman image, but too many factors stopped him maintaining it. Leaving him to fall back on the easiest, fear and power.

3 Self consciousness low at first thanks to father’s affection for Arthur. Be opposite to Father’s careful ways to promote the people’s affection. Loss of beloved Grandmother, Margaret Beaufort early in reign leads to having nobody to talk to about problems. Listens to councillors, takes advise but wants to lead not be led. Wolsey takes the royal workload. Marriage to Catherine successful until her Father, Ferdinand betrays him. Cannot trust wife now. Pope show his power over decisions by Henry, even Wolsey cannot change the outcomes. Only Charles Brandon plays hard to win in sport, others too scared to win. Promoting fear starts to take over. Clothing becomes more flamboyant as body starts to fill and sporting image reduces. Starting to make rash decisions with no way of saving face by rescinding wrong moves. Anna Von Cleves not recognising Henry forces bad response with no way out. People don’t like Henry any more so Henry gives up trying to please. Starts a era of extreme cruelty. What changes a man’s character so much to make him the most hated of Monarchs? Henry needed a good PR man with a long term plan, instead it was repair the damage all the time.

4 To keep the Tudors the most powerful family in England. To provide an Heir to the Tudor line. To advance England in the eyes of the European monarchies. To keep the country from bankruptcy and still promote well being to foreign ambassadors. To keep the people fed, happy and under the thumb. To bring back the glories of past monarchs, emulate King Arthur, Black Prince. To create powerful allies by marriage and military help. To create a powerful court as a grand example to all nobility. To increase the love of the people for their monarch and their loyalty to the house of Tudor. To keep down the Plantagenet threat from older nobility with ambitions for their young. To govern well and produce fair laws. What were the pressure’s on a young monarch. Could Henry cope? Maybe too ambitious for himself and England.

5 Henry must have feared failure to keep the Tudors in power. Henry feared not providing a son for the country to celebrate. Henry made Catherine a scapegoat for not having a surviving son and heir, after proving himself with Fitzroy. Fitzroy’s early death put back the pressure of an heir apparent. His burial was in secret. If Henry lost against a noble in sport, other than Charles Brandon, the people would think he was losing his powers. Arthurian legend is too hard to emulate. The Europe of Henry was much different to the successes of the Black Prince. Carrying through rash decisions made courtiers very edgy about opposing bad decisions. After Ann Boleyn, from a powerful family, courtiers not eager to bring their family into the life of the Royal court. Reprisals for not following the reformation of the church was a deadly affair, especially for a Noble with land to lose. Losing the Spanish allies created a naval invasion fear, the loss of the Roman Catholic Church increased this fear. Build forts and a navy to counter any threat. Fear created fear for everybody. The people and the nobility certainly had fear of their King, did Henry have fear also? Henry created the fear which came back in a vicious circle.

6 Mary was a product of real love between Henry and Catherine, she was brought up a staunch Roman Catholic. Pressure to produce a son reduced the affection for Mary. Fitzroy would have outranked her if he survived. Henry was jealous of his brother Arthur, not just because of the Throne, but the love he got from their Father. Fitzroy’s early death put back the pressure of an heir apparent. Losing a son again broke Henry’s heart. Ann gave Henry a stillborn son, a healthy daughter, Elizabeth. Not good enough to dispel fears. Jane gave Henry a son, Edward. Losing Jane 14 days later broke Henry’s heart again. Keeping the children apart too long created barriers between Mary and Elizabeth. Making Mary look after Edward like a nurse maid created hate and fear of her future. So much anguish to take over the Catholic Church would have been for nothing if Mary came to power. Henry’s actions bred sibling fears, and put the future of a Tudor England into jeopardy. Henry failed miserably as a Father The Father planted the seeds of being a Father without the thought of how good a Father! Henry loved his children as a good Father should until his Kingship got in the way.

7 Catherine and Henry, such a loving couple. Or is that a myth? Did Catherine tell Ferdinand all that was occurring in Henry’s England? A divorce, an annulment why did Henry become to dislike Catherine so much? Ann was Mary Boleyn’s sister, Mary made Henry feel young again, full of energy. Ann became an obsession. Ann was too coy, too unavailable and soon became boring after marriage. Ann failed to produce a son, she was not well like by the people, she could not compete with Catherine in popularity. She became a liability, lots of reasons to get rid of her for Henry. Jane was quiet, unassuming and available, she became Henry’s lover. She came from a family more loyal than the Howards. Jane was Henry’s love of his life, a re-enactment of the first 10 years of marriage to Catherine. Anna Von Cleves could have been a match made in heaven except for the error of the first meeting. She became Henry’s lifelong advisor after the divorce. Catherine Howard, too promiscuous, Henry too old and sick to cope with such a young wife. Adultery an obvious outcome. Possible helped along by Henry’s secret enemies in his own court. Henry didn’t know how to be a good Husband. Why six wives? Why be married after a son is born? Henry wanted a companion, a friend, an ally who could look after him and him alone.

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