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Henry VIII had six wives and what happened to them all!

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1 Henry VIII had six wives and what happened to them all!
We are going to find out why; Henry VIII had six wives and what happened to them all!

2 Contents Henry VIII Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves Kathryn Howard Katherine Parr The six wives overview Time line

3 Henry VIII Henry was born on 28th June 1491.
Henry became King on 21st April 1509. Henry died on 28th January 1547.

4 How Henry VIII became King.
Henry’s brother Arthur married Catherine of Aragon in 1501. Arthur died very suddenly in 1502, so, he never got the chance to become king. Instead Henry became King when he was 18 years old in 1509. He married Catherine of Aragon, his brothers widow, in the same year he became king.

5 Henry VIII personality.
Henry was; Intelligent Powerful Generous Demanding Popular A bully Hard to please Tough Ruthless Back to contents page

6 Catherine of Aragon Catherine was born 16 December 1485 in Spain.
Catherine married Henry VIII on 11th June Catherine was Henry’s 1st wife. Henry divorced Catherine in1533 because he wanted a male heir and she could no longer have children. She died on 7th January 1536.

7 Catherine and Arthur Catherine was promised as Arthur’s wife when she was three years old. The marriage would be good for both countries, she was from Spain and if she married Arthur it would bring the 2 countries closer. (A good political match) Catherine married Arthur on November 14th 1501. Arthur died less than six months later.

8 Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII
Catherine now a widow was still young enough to marry. She married Henry and was crowned Queen of England in a joint ceremony with her husband. Shortly after the marriage, Catherine was pregnant, this first child was still born. The second child Prince Henry died after 52 days of life.

9 Catherine of Aragon and her children.
Next Catherine miscarried and lost another son. In February 1516 she gave birth to Mary who lived! Henry was not happy, he wanted a son to be his heir. By this time Catherine was 42 could no longer have children.

10 How Catherine of Aragon died.
Back to contents page Henry was desperate to have a son, Catherine could not have one, so, he asked the Pope to annul their marriage so he could marry another wife. The Pope said no, Henry was furious. Henry set up the Protestant Church and divorced Catherine in 1533. Catherine and her daughter Mary were forced to leave the court. Catherine died in 1536.

11 Anne Boleyn Anne was born some time between 1501 and 1507 but nobody knows the exact date. Anne married Henry VIII in January 1533, she was his 2nd wife. Henry VIII had Anne executed on19 May 1536.

12 Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.
Henry had met and fallen in love with Anne before he had divorced Catherine of Aragon. When Anne and Henry got married in 1533 Anne was already pregnant. Anne was not popular with the people, they all loved Catherine. Legend says that Anne had six fingers on her left hand, a large mole on her neck and a fiery temper.

13 Anne Boleyn and her children.
Anne gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth on August 16th 1533. By 1534, Anne was pregnant again but the child was either still born or miscarried. She miscarried a boy in 1535. Henry still desperately wanted a son but Anne had not given him one.

14 How Catherine of Aragon died.
Anne knew that her failure to produce a living male heir was a threat to her own life. Anne’s enemies at court began to plot against her. The King was asked to sign a document calling for an investigation into Anne's treason. Anne was arrested and charged with plotting to murder the king.

15 How Catherine of Aragon died.
On the 19th May 1536, Anne was taken to the Tower Green in London. Here Anne was to be given a private execution. The swordsman cut off her head with one swift stroke. Back to contents page

16 Jane was born some time in 1509.
Jane Seymour Jane was born some time in 1509. Jane married Henry VIII on 30 May 1536 and became his 3rd wife. Jane died on the 24th October 1537.

17 Jane Seymour and Henry VIII
Jane Seymour first came to the King’s notice while she waited on his second wife Anne. Jane was very calm and gentle, Henry liked this because his last wife was very bad tempered. They were married on May 30th Henry truly loved Jane Seymour.

18 Jane Seymour and her children.
Early in 1537 Jane became pregnant. In October, to the delight of Henry VIII, a prince was born. He was christened Edward. Jane attended her son’s christening but died two weeks after her son was born. Back to contents page

19 Anne of Cleves Anne was born in 1515.
Henry married Anne on 6 January 1540, she was his 4th wife. Anne was divorced from Henry in July 1540. On 16 July 1557 Anne of Cleves died.

20 Anne of Cleves and Henry VIII.
Henry did not marry for over two years after Jane Seymour died. Henry started to look for a Bride to help England, he turned to Germany. Henry sent painters to Cleves to paint two sisters, he chose to marry Anne. When Anne arrived she did not look like her painting and Henry did not want to marry her, but he had to because he did not want to upset the Germans.

21 How Anne of Cleves died. Anne was not happy being married to Henry so they decided to get divorced. Anne accepted the title as the ‘King’s Sister’ and lived away from the court in the countryside. Anne died in 1557. Back to contents page

22 Kathryn was born some time in 1521.
Kathryn Howard Kathryn was born some time in 1521. Kathryn married Henry VIII on 28th July 1540 and became his 5th wife. Kathryn was executed on 13th February 1542.

23 Kathryn Howard and Henry VIII.
Henry met Kathryn when came to court when she was 19. Henry was 49. Kathryn’s uncle was The Duke of Norfolk. Henry married her so he could gain more power and get rid of his enemy Thomas Cromwell. Henry married Kathryn only 16 days after Anne of Cleaves left.

24 How Kathryn Howard died.
Less than a year after they were married, Kathryn was found to be meeting other men. This was against the law. Kathryn was executed on the Tower Green on February 13th 1542. Back to contents page

25 Katherine Parr was born in 1512.
She married Henry on 12 July 1543, she was his 6th wife. Katherine was widowed on 28 January 1547. On 5 September 1548, Katherine died.

26 Kathryn Howard and Henry VIII.
Katherine was a widow whose 1st and 2nd husbands had died before she married Henry. Katherine was well known for her learning and overall sensitive and caring nature. She was more like Henry’s nurse because he was very ill, he married her to be his companion. She brought Henry’s family closer together. Mary, Elizabeth and Edward were encouraged to become scholars.

27 How Kathryn Howard died.
Katherine was quick thinking which she needed on many occasions to stay alive. She outlived Henry who died 28th January 1547. Katherine herself died in 1548. Back to contents page

28 Click on a portrait of a wife to find out about them.
Back to contents page

29 Back to page of portraits.
Catherine of Aragon Wife number: 1 Married for: Love, political reasons and for an heir. Children: Mary Marriage ended:Divorced / Annulment Back to page of portraits.

30 Back to page of portraits.
Anne Boleyn Wife number: 2 Married for: Love and for an heir. Children: Elizabeth Marriage ended:Executed Back to page of portraits.

31 Back to page of portraits.
Jane Seymour Wife number: 3 Married for: Love and for an heir. Children: Edward Marriage ended: Died during child birth Back to page of portraits.

32 Back to page of portraits.
Anne of Cleves Wife number: 4 Married for: Political reasons Children: None Marriage ended: Divorced Back to page of portraits.

33 Back to page of portraits.
Kathryn Howard Wife number: 5 Married for: Love Children: None Marriage ended: Executed Back to page of portraits.

34 Back to page of portraits.
Katherine Parr Wife number: 6 Married for: Companionship Children: None Marriage ended: Henry VIII died Back to page of portraits.

35 Time Line House of Stewart Edward VI Elizabeth I Henry VII Mary I
Henry VIII

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