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The English Reformation & The Reign of the Tudors.

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1 The English Reformation & The Reign of the Tudors

2 King Henry VIII

3 Henry’s Trouble with the Church Asked the Pope to Annul his Marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Pope said no, he did not want to anger Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor) His Father had become King through Civil War Henry felt if he did not have a son, Civil War would ensue after his death His break from the church was for SELFISH reasons

4 Reformation Parliament In 1529, Henry asked Parliament to pass a law ending the Pope’s powers in England In 1534, Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy English King, not the Pope, was the head of the Church of England Henry closed all Catholic Monasteries and seized their land and wealth This greatly increased his power

5 Henry and Wives 1-3 Catherine of Aragon Daughter: Mary Divorced Anne Boleyn Daughter: Elizabeth Imprisoned and Beheaded Jane Seymour Son: Edward Died not long after giving birth to son

6 Henry and Wives 4-6 Anne of Cleeves Divorced Kathryn Howard Had an affair Executed Katherine Par Widowed Alive at Henry’s Death

7 Edward VI Became King upon his father’s death Only ruled for 6 years Protestants gained control and came to power during his reign

8 “Bloody” Mary Rose to the throne after the death of her younger brother Edward VI Was the Daughter of Catherine of Aragon Mary was Catholic Restored Catholicism to England Persecuted and killed many Protestants Earned the nickname “Bloody” Mary


10 Queen Elizabeth Daughter of Anne Boleyn Came to power in 1558 Returned England to Protestantism in 1559 Had Parliament establish a National Church – Anglican Church Made concessions to appease both Catholics and Protestants

11 Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada Phillip II of Spain planned on attacking England Spain was Catholic 1558 Phillip sent 130 ships, 8000 sailors, and 19, 000 soldiers towards England Armada was destroyed by storms and English ships

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