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THE ENGLISH REFORMATION King Henry VIII Objective:  SWBAT  Explain Henry VIII reasoning to split from the Church.

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3 Objective:  SWBAT  Explain Henry VIII reasoning to split from the Church

4 Do Now: 10/9/12  Have HW out on your desk  Pick up a T-Shirt Project packet  DUE: Period 3&7 on Tuesday 10/16  DUE: Period 1, 4, 5 on Wednesday 10/17

5 DO NOW  horrible histories horrible histories  behind the tudors: the tower of london behind the tudors: the tower of london

6 Rise to Power  War of the Roses: Tudor family rose to power after the Civil War between the two families.  Tudor (red rose) and Yorkist (white rose)

7 Henry VIII (1509-1547)  Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain  Catherine of Aragon (youngest child)  Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England  Arthur, Margaret, Mary, Henry VIII

8 Arthur & Catherine  Arthur & Catherine were married November 14, 1501  Arthur died 6 months later - tuberculosis  Catherine was “widowed” for 7 years  Henry VIII was next in line for the throne – only 11  Pope Julius II granted permission for Henry VIII to marry Catherine (doesn’t happen immediately)  Catherine claimed her marriage to Arthur was never consummated  Henry VII dies – Henry VIII chooses Catherine as his wife  Catherine, 24 & Henry, 18

9 Henry VIII & Catherine  1509: Henry VIII becomes king (18)  Athletic & handsome in his youth – remembered as a fat, balding, unhealthy man.  Catherine had a son – Henry – died 2 months later  Mary, the only surviving child of Catherine, born 1516  Henry becomes impatient for a male heir – didn’t think a woman could run a country.

10 Divorce  Henry wanted Pope Clemente VII to annul the marriage  Said he never should have married her – bad luck to marry dead brother’s widow  Catherine refused – didn’t want Mary to lose right to the throne  HRE, Charles V, was Catherine’s nephew.  The Pope didn’t want to upset him – did not grant annulment or divorce

11 Result  1533  Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, granted divorce  Henry married Anne Boleyn  Declared the King the Head of the English Church  Remained “Catholic” fundamentally  Henry never wanted to be non- Catholic, he just wanted a divorce  Anglican Church was created  Anglicanism

12 Henry establishes Church of England The Act of Annantes 1532 Stopped all payment to the Catholic Church The Act of Appeals 1533 Ended Rome’s Religious hold on England The Act of Supremacy 1534 Made Henry VIII the head of the Church of England Executions Any subject who wouldn’t denounce the Catholic Church

13 Do Now  behind the tudors behind the tudors

14 Wife #1: Catherine of Aragon 24 years old  Spain – Catholic  Married to Arthur  Married Henry @ 24 in 1509  Had child, Mary  Henry wanted annulment (Pope Clemente said no  Didn’t want to anger Catherine’s nephew Charles V)  Wouldn’t divorce –wanted to protect Mary’s right to the throne)

15 Wife # 2: Anne Boleyn 26 years old  Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer married them in 1533  Had one surviving child – Elizabeth  Couldn’t produce a son  Accused her of incest, treason, and adultery  Had her beheaded at the Tower of London

16 Wife #3: Jane Seymour 27 years old  Henry felt she was his first “true wife”  Jane married the king privately 2 weeks after Anne was executed  She dies 2 weeks after giving birth to Henry’s only legitimate son – Edward  Only one of the 6 wives buried with him

17 Wife #4: Anne of Cleves 25 years old  From Germany  Hoped to form tie between Protestant Germany and England  Hans Holbien the Younger painted her  Made her prettier than she was  Henry named her the “Flemish Mare”  Divorced her

18 Wife #5: Catherine Howard 19 years old  Cousin of Anne Boleyn  Married in 1540  16 days after he divorced Anne of Cleves  He was 49, she was 19  They were ill-matched, he was gaining a lot of weight  Executed her for adultery  Tower of London

19 Wife #6: Katherine Parr 31 Years old  Katherine was widowed twice before  After Henry died (1547) Edward VI became king  She married his uncle, Thomas Seymour (brother of Jane Seymour)

20 Exit Ticket  Compare & Contrast Henry VIII and Martin Luther  Consider their background, their beliefs, and of course their ideas that lead to their individual reformations.

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