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The Third Act of Succession 1543 Petra Tindall-Mather.

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1 The Third Act of Succession 1543 Petra Tindall-Mather

2 Context Henry VII d.1509 – War of the Roses – peace Succession – Arthur d. 1502 – Henry Tudor line – Ended with Elizabeth I d.1603

3 Henry VIII Older brother Arthur dies, Henry named heir Obsession with succession Desperate for male heir to continue the Tudor line Crowned 1509

4 Catherine of Aragon Marries Catherine of Aragon his brother’s widow. 1509 Mary I born No other heirs forthcoming Divorce of Catherine of Aragon 1533 She dies in 1536

5 Succession to the Throne:1533 (First Act) Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn The First Act of Succession passes Names Mary I illegitimate Unborn Elizabeth made legitimate heir and any further issue

6 Succession to the Throne: Marriage Act 1536 (Second Act) Made after Anne executed Names both Mary I and Elizabeth I as bastards The king can choose his own heir in his Will

7 Succession to the Crown Act 1543 (Third Act) Catherine Parr is given credit for reuniting Mary and Elizabeth with Henry Catherine urges Henry to create the ‘Third Act Of Succession’

8 Succession to the Crown Act 1543 (Third Act) 4 years before his death Names Edward VI heir as well as any heirs he might have Reinstates Mary I and Elizabeth I as heirs Names the line of succession for future generations

9 Edward VI King aged 9 - 1547 Did not want England to be Catholic again Tried to stop Mary from becoming queen Named the Lady Jane Grey heir to circumvent the Third Act

10 Lady Jane Grey Queen for 9 days Forced by relatives to advance the family name Parliament did not recognize her as queen Executed by Mary 6 months later

11 Mary I Crowned 1553 Known as Bloody Mary for burning Protestants Sought to reestablish Catholicism Married to King Philip of Spain 1554 Died in 1558

12 Elizabeth I Inherited throne after Mary I died of cancer Reinstated Protestantism Promoted exploration eg. Sir Francis Drake Reigned till 1603 Three consecutive Tudor Monarchs died without legal issue

13 Bibliography Elton, G. England Under the Tudors, History of England volume IV, Methuen & Co LTD. Published 1965 Luminarium; Encyclopaedia Project, The Third Act of Succession, A.D. 1544, 35 Henry VIII. CAP.1.3S.r.955. Act Fixing the Succession, Unknown, Everything Tudor, Henry VII, 2/9/2011, Henr Unknown, The Tudor Monarchs, 11/9/2011, Unknown (image), Tudor stuff: Tudor history from the heart of England, 11/9/2011, jane-grey/

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