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Chapter 1 History of Floral Design

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1 Chapter 1 History of Floral Design

2 Egyptian Period Container – wide mouth basin
Lotus Flower – Water Lily - Sacred Garlands and flower collars Used Flowers as decorations Vases were called faience

3 Greek Period Wreath around head – given to heroes, poets, athletes, leaders, soldiers Vases not commonly used to hold flowers Petals were commonly scatted on the ground Cornucopia – Horn of Plenty – used upright, now we use it on it’s side.

4 Roman Period Wreath and Garlands – heavy and elaborate
Liked fragrant flowers First used mixed flowers in basket Rose used because of their fragrance Naturalistic flower bouquets used

5 Byzantine Period Symmetrical designs Trees shaped arrangements
Biedermeier arrangements

6 Middle Ages – 476 – 1450 A.D. Not much known
Flowers were used in food, drink and medicine Fragrant flowers were favored

7 Renaissance (14th Century)
Flourishing of Art – very religious Rose meant love and sacred White lily meant fertility, purity and virginity (Known as the Madonna lily) Flowers in paintings – white lily

8 Dutch Flemish Period First to do Art Deco
Flowers were no longer for just the church and nobility, but for the middle class. Wild Lines in designs Used Tulips Hogarth curve designs A great variety of flowers in one vase arrangement Common vases were ewers – water pitchers

9 French Period Mass and Fan Shapes Designs were large scale Centerpiece

10 English – Georgian Period
Fragrant very important Believed that fragrant would rid the air of contagious and infectious diseases. Nosegay - Tussie Mussies Corsages and Boutonnieres came from this period Bud Vases First to introduce formal centerpieces

11 Victorian Period Lavish decorations, heavy color and patterns
First to establish rule to designing an arrangement Women were the first to be designers Large mass – Very Compact Arrangements Added Fruits and Vegetables Men started bringing women flowers in courtship – posy holders (Bouquets) Men and women wore bosom bottles (Corsages and boutonnieres)

12 Oriental Period China and Japan Line very important
Ikebana Influence – very few flowers are used

13 American Period Early American – focus was not on flowers, but herbs, and food. Colonial – Round – Williamsburg arrangements Fruits and vegetables were used in arrangements Art Deco Free Form Geometric mass Design Contemporary Design

14 The End

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