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History of Floral Design

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1 History of Floral Design
Ancient Civilization

2 Ancient Civilization Looking at 4 different periods Egyptian Greek
Roman Byzantine

3 Ancient Civilization Explain the role of flowers in the lives of the Egyptians Describe the Greek traditions and rituals that involved the use of flowers Describe types of pieces that were used by the Romans Discuss the styles of floral art that were used during the Byzantine period

4 Egyptian Period

5 Egyptian Period We get history through artifacts, wall paintings and bas-reliefs

6 Egyptian Period Used Cut flowers Placed blossoms Foliage Fruit

7 Flowers were important
In religious ceremonies Set on banquet tables Used in precessions Given to honor someone

8 Lotus Flower Goddess of Iris Patron of marriage and motherhood
Blue water lily was also symbolic of rebirth after death

9 Lotus Flower Commonly depicted in Egyptian Art as early as 2500 B.C.

10 Egyptian Floral Design
Orderly, alternating patterns Placed in spouted vases with no stem visible Worn as chaplets, collars, wreaths, and garlands

11 Egyptian Pottery

12 Egyptian Pottery

13 Greek Period

14 Greek Pottery Many vases were made during this time but not for the purpose of holding flowers

15 Greek Period Flower petals were often scattered on the ground during ceremonies Design types often used were wreaths and garlands

16 Wreath and garlands Symbol of allegiance and dedication
Awarded to honor athletes, poets, civic leaders,soldiers and hero's Also worn at weddings                               

17 Cornucopia Is still used today in the Fall Horn of Plenty
In Ancient times the opening was facing up And was filled with flowers

18 Roman Period

19 Roman Period Often used heavy & elaborate wreaths, roses
Used fragrant flowers with bright colors 1st Basket of mixed flowers Vatican First use of natural floral bouquets


21 Byzantine Period

22 Byzantine Period Used symmetrical tree-like designs
Changed construction of garlands to be narrow bands of flowers or fruit alternated with foliage

23 Ancient Civilization Review
What role did flowers play in the Egyptian period? Religious ceremonies After-life Banquet tables Precessions Honor someone

24 Ancient Civilization Review
What Greek traditions or rituals used flowers? Ceremonies Olympics Weddings

25 Ancient Civilization Review
Romans first introduced what floral design style? Naturalistic Roses

26 Ancient Civilization Review
During the Byzantine Period, how did they change the garland? Made narrow Added fruit Describe the design introduced in this period. Symmetrical tree-like


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