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Northwest Region CSI S508 Social Media For Construction Professionals Joy Davis, CSI CCPR May 9, 2014 #NWRC14.

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1 Northwest Region CSI S508 Social Media For Construction Professionals Joy Davis, CSI CCPR May 9, 2014 #NWRC14

2 Credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for both AIA members and non-AIA members are available upon request. This course is registered with AIA CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed or construed to be an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any material of construction or any method or manner of handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any material or product. _______________________________________ ____ Questions related to specific materials, methods, and services will be addressed at the conclusion of this presentation. #NWRC14

3 Social media is now maturing into a key component of how we market, communicate, research and establish credibility for ourselves and our companies. If you plan to continue working for at least the next 5-10 years, you need to understand what social media really is and how it’s affecting you and your business. In this session, we’ll explore how social media is being used today by other construction professionals. We’ll discuss how you can develop a realistic social media strategy that fits your work life, and that creates a social media footprint that supports your work without wasting your time. Course Description #NWRC14

4 Learning Objectives 1) Understand what social media is and how to choose a tool to use 2) Understand how social media is used as a research tool 3) Learn where to find content and what to post 4) Develop a strategy for growing your own social media footprint At the end of the this course, participants will be able to: #NWRC14

5 Please Turn On Your Phone Include #NWRC14 If you tweet I am @CSIConstruction #NWRC14

6 How Much is This Tweet Worth? “#ADA accessible entry and exit for pools and spas. Title II & Title III facilities. Info at Thanks Universal Design” - @dstutzman, 2/5/2012 David Stutzman, CSI, CCS #NWRC14

7 Traditional Cost Analysis How Much Did It Cost? Nothing. didn’t post it. How Many People Saw It? About 300 – not many. Analysis = Not Worth Much #NWRC14

8 The ROI Debate “I’m going to pay someone to tweet?” Admit it. You’re thinking it. #NWRC14

9 The ROI Debate “Well, what’s the ROI of your mom?” #NWRC14

10 The New Math #NWRC14 Here are 4 of the specifiers who follow Stutzman. How many millions of dollars in specifications do these people represent? Liz O’Sullivan, CO CSI, CCS, CCCA Mitch Miller, PA CSI, CCS Sarah Hirsch, KS CSI, CCS George Everding, MO CSI, CCS, CCCA

11 The ROI is in the Relationships What is this relationship worth to Relationship Context Value #NWRC14

12 Construction Is Built On Relationships That’s why architects play golf, right? #NWRC14

13 Tools for Starting & Supporting Relationships #NWRC14

14 I Sent You Something To Get Your Attention You Were Looking and Found Me Inbound vs. Outbound #NWRC14

15 Which Social Media Platforms? #NWRC14 Audience – Content – Goals

16 #NWRC14 Construction Marketing Association 2012

17 Big CSI Communities #NWRC14

18 What Do I Post? #NWRC14

19 It’s About Them, Not You #NWRC14

20 Best Professional Self Contact information Professional description Professional headshot Your CSI certifications Keywords #NWRC14 CSI, CCPR

21 Use Your Keywords Everywhere “Rick Heiserman”“Rick Heiserman CSI” #NWRC14

22 Take a Minute to Write A One- Sentence Description of Yourself Using Your Keywords. I’ll Wait. #NWRC14

23 Bad Profile Photos #NWRC14

24 Good Profile Photos #NWRC14

25 You Vs. The Company #NWRC14

26 You Are What You Tweet #NWRC14 …And the Company Knows That

27 5 Forbidden Fruit #NWRC14

28 Can’t Resist the Apple? Be Positive and Forward-looking #NWRC14

29 Social Media & The Electronic Tattoos #NWRC14

30 What’s the Narrative? #NWRC14

31 What Stories Fit Your Narrative? #NWRC14

32 Are You Sure Your Business Is Boring? #NWRC14

33 Take a Minute to Make a List of Information You Could Post. I’ll Wait. #NWRC14

34 What story are people actually hearing?

35 I’m A Proud… What you post selects your audience, either by attracting them or pushing them away. You are ALWAYS selecting. #NWRC14

36 Focus on Relationships -Pick 5 people you want to build a relationship with, and notice them -Prune your links -Read a link and post a comment -Make a recommendation #NWRC14

37 Give It 10 Minutes a Day Skim FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter Use Google Alerts to track keywords #NWRC14

38 Questions Or a LinkedIn Summary? #NWRC14

39 Thanks! Join CSI’s LinkedIn Group at Follow CSI at Watch recordings at Like CSI at #NWRC14

40 This concludes The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems Course #NWRC14

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