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Employers & Accessible Technology: The What, Why and How August 6, 2014 2:00pm EST – 3:30pm EST.

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1 Employers & Accessible Technology: The What, Why and How August 6, :00pm EST – 3:30pm EST

2 Our Speakers Session Chair: – Loren Mikola, Project Director, Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) Moderator: – Richard Crespin, CEO, CollaborateUp and Senior Fellow, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Presenters: – Mike Paciello, Founder, The Paciello Group and WebAble.TV (and author of “Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities”) – Peter Wallack, Senior Director of Accessibility Program Office, Oracle Corporation – Lori Golden, Abilities Strategy Leader, Ernst & Young

3 Logistics Audio is also available over a phone line: – Dial: – Access code: Submit questions at any time during the presentation: – Type directly into the chat box on your screen – – Captioning is available at:

4 Mike Paciello Founder, The Paciello Group and WebAble.TV Author of “Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities”

5 Organizational Build a “Think Accessibility™” culture; Create “a11y” DNA Cultural ‘uptick’ in accessibility priority creates awareness; stimulates employment opportunities Accessibility in Practice™ – Make a fundamental commitment to accessibility – Build and sustain a practice of accessibility

6 Infrastructure Integrate end-to-end accessibility into product lifecycle Accessible, Usable ICT = Employment Enhance the Infrastructure – Standards & policies – Content strategy – Code repositories – Style guides – Content, development tools – Q/A & AUX

7 7 Peter Wallack Senior Director of Accessibility Program Office Oracle Corporation

8 About Oracle ‘Enterprise class’ hardware and software systems – Used by over 400,000 organizations – Acquisitions: PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, Siebel, Hyperion, SUN Microsystems, Taleo… – Database, technologies like Java and ADF, and Engineered Systems – Applications: HRMS, CRM, SCM, ERP… – Industries: Financial, Retail, Utilities, Public Sector…

9 Impact on PwD Entire interaction with an employer may be on Oracle products – Task flows like ‘Recruit to On-board’, Time and Vacation reporting, Benefits enrollment, etc. – ‘Self-service’ and ‘Core’ applications – Users often do not realize it is an Oracle product due to customizations Oracle is committed to develop these products to be accessible, to the extent practicable We run Oracle on Oracle

10 Accessibility Puzzle

11 The Solution STANDARDS

12 Lori Golden Abilities Strategy Leader Ernst & Young

13 EY Got Its Start From Differing Abilities

14 Four Keys to Fully Leveraging Diverse Abilities Recruit the best talent – in whatever “bodysuit” Provide the tools, resources and environment to excel Plan for professional development and career growth Educate everyone and integrate into everything you do

15 Hire for Ability Attract candidates with diverse abilities via images, messages, information, e.g., recruiting video, checklist Educate recruiters and hiring managers via training, discussions, experiences, tools Share success stories and visible role models Offer support structures before and after hire

16 Provide Everything It Takes to Excel Focus on work adjustments and accessibility, including technology, e.g., captioning, and the built environment, e.g., wheelthroughs, measuring door weights Ensure safety and productivity, e.g., emergency response plans, office ergonomics Bring professionals together in networks to make an impact

17 Plan for Professional & Career Growth Talent development is everyone’s business – Every EY person has a career counselor and counseling families – Everyone is rated on giving feedback and developing colleagues – Everyone prepares experiential and formal learning plans Supporting diverse abilities is a team effort – Coaching and mentoring – Consulting – Networking internally and externally

18 Educate Everyone in Integrated Ways Offer targeted training for key groups – e.g., recruiters, field HR, managers, meeting planners, technology staff Build awareness through events, communications, posters, videos, social media, materials and tools Include role models on panels, tell stories, feature messages and images Offer a wide range of resources internally and on Commit to share with clients and the market and then share those stories internally

19 Our Tools Include Quick Reference Guides…

20 … and Videos That Tell Stories AccessAbilities video – our people discuss working with differing abilities and how each of us can be more inclusive AccessAbilities “minutes” – EY people share true stories about working with differing abilities to teach what and what not to do

21 Handbooks on Special Topics… Getting support, supporting others offers guidance on non-visible disabilities ► Explains work adjustments, i.e., accommodations ► Discusses disclosure and building relationships ► Addresses concerns of people with differing abilities, colleagues, human resources and managers ► Shares real stories and advice

22 … and Posters to Get People Thinking in New Ways


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