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Internet Communities: Planning, Design & Management By Digital Places

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1 Internet Communities: Planning, Design & Management By Digital Places

2 Digital Places: Who We Are n Richard Adler –VP for Development, SeniorNet –Director, Institute for the Future n Anthony Christopher –Executive Director, Fujitsus WorldsAway –PC industry marketing roles including Applelink Product Manager n Network of affiliates with complementary skills

3 Digital Places Digital Places: Our Experience n Senior managers in community-based enterprises –Responsibilities: business development, technology, operations and marketing n Researchers of virtual community - both secondary and primary research work n Authors and speakers on community- building and operations topics

4 Digital Places Digital Places Clients n Leading teen community on AOL n International community for seniors n E-commerce service for kids n Portal for technology development professionals

5 Digital Places What Is an Online Community? n People, with common interests who meet and interact through an online network, enabled by: –Message boards, chat, profiles... –Feedback/reputation mechanisms (like eBay or Motley Fool) –Graphic environments (like The Palace or WorldsAway)

6 Digital Places Capitalizing on Community n Advertise or Sponsor content or activities in communities frequented by target customers n Participate in communities frequented by high margin target customers, partners and employees n Build communities for those with whom you have the most valued relationships

7 Digital Places Communities are more cost effective than content- focused services because they positively influence each of the four factors in the online service equation: n Members create content which reduces the cost to produce the service. n Active members establish reputations within the community, become committed to remaining and tell friends about it. These dynamics contribute to increasing the average customer life and decreasing the average cost of customer acquisition. n Marketers will pay more for access to committed, active community members who constitute a tightly-focused target market. Net Profit/Loss = Cost Acquiring Customer - Life of Customer [ ] Revenue Avg/Customer Cost Avg/Customer ( ) - * The Online Service Equation

8 Digital Places Member Involvement n n Caretakers -.5% n n Motivators - 3% n n Actives - 15% n n Passives - 80%

9 Digital Places Online Presence n Enables individuals to express their identity and/or develop a reputation online n Expanding presence increases interaction n Presence => member communications => community experience

10 Digital Places Creating Presence n Individual Profiles –Information about the member –Provided by the member –Structured by community developer –Contains information important to the community –Richness increases depth of engagement

11 Digital Places Community Management Roles n Executive Producer –Responsible for fiscal success of the business n Community Manager –Responsible for social success of the community n Online Staff –The bridge between you and your community

12 Digital Places Management Relationships Executive Producer Content & E-commerce Webmaster & Designers Community Manager Remote Staff Customer Service Training & Events

13 Digital Places Online Staff Roles Advisors, Allies, Ambassadors, Community Proxies, Feedback Gatherers, Greeters, Hosts, Mediators, Mentors, Moderators, Partners, Representatives, Role Models, Supporters, Teachers….

14 Digital Places Keys to Successful Communities n Establish trust n Make visitors feel welcome n Participate with the users n Select Caretakers carefully n Organize internally for success

15 Digital Places Digital Places: Consulting Roles n Assess community business opportunities n Develop community business strategies n Review and analyze community plans n Design and conduct community research

16 Community Overview Digital Places www.digiplaces.com650-224-4567

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