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MENTORING WORKSHOP | Built By & For AEC Professionals.

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1 MENTORING WORKSHOP | Built By & For AEC Professionals

2 Mentoring Workshop Built By and For AEC Professionals Who are we? Why are we here today? – Amanda Wilson, Project Manager Oregon State Bridge Construction, Inc. – Carol Eisenlohr, Quality Manager Legend Homes Workshop: Questions are encouraged Evaluate us: forms to be provided at end of workshop.

3 workshop goals #1: define mentoring and validate why you NEED it #2: initiate the mentoring process by utilizing tools that promote awareness and build relationships #3: implement the mentoring program A) establishing specific professional goal(s) B) defining success C) knowing your resources

4 MOTIVATED DECISION TO TAKE ACTION WHO? GOAL(S)? the flow chart RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT MENTORING learning styles generational differences personalities listening skills receptiveness perceptions

5 Mentoring How do you perceive mentoring? Experiences, situations, individuals? Formal? Informal? Short Term? Long Term? Who is a mentor? Who is a mentee?

6 LOIS D. COHEN associates It’s a way to build your workforce from within People are attracted to an organization that is willing to invest in them There is a generational shift that is occurring Having a shared culture may make an organization stronger than it would be absent that element Your company needs to effectively incorporate new workers Why engage in mentoring? PART 1 Because we can’t afford not to.

7 WHY MENTORING If I have a dollar and you have a dollar and I give you my dollar and you give me your dollar, we each still have a dollar. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and I give you my idea and you give me your idea, we now each have two ideas. – Gordan F. Shea, author of The Mentoring Organization Rejuvenating Strengthens leadership skills Career and personal satisfaction Liberating Enhance self-confidence Develops loyal support group Encourages sharing of information Increases advancement potential

8 LOIS D. COHEN associates Pass along institutional memory Transmit your corporate culture Smart for business Why engage in mentoring? PART 2

9 LOIS D. COHEN associates Generational Differences How you manage can ensure these varied approaches don’t become competing approaches to conducting business. Experiential touchpoints Work ethic Leadership style Communication Authority is… Dress code For the first time ever, we have four generations working side-by-side. Key areas where generations tend to diverge:

10 LOIS D. COHEN associates Perception is Everything

11 LOIS D. COHEN associates Mentoring Models Hierarchical Needs/attributes Interest Cross-organizational BASED ON GOALS

12 INITIATE MENTORING build relationships  Current contacts – get organized  Be selective on opportunities to network – where?  Be prepared – how?  Follow up – thank you, question, and action Are you an active listener? Are you asking good questions?

13 IMPLEMENT MENTORING professional goals  Develop effective negotiation tactics.  Seek feedback from my supervisor.  Explore possible career path changes.  Practice public speaking.  Learn active listening.  Increase profits.  Volunteer in my community.  Reduce procrastination.  Become a better delegator.  Change how I react to stressors at work.  Increase my organizational skills.  Communicate in a positive manner.  Improve my interpersonal skills.  Implement means to attract new clients.  Enhance my creativity.  Improve my technical writing style. These are examples of common professional “ambitions”… with a little effort, they can become achievable goals with specific objectives that guide you to success.

14 IMPLEMENT MENTORING defining success 1.Goal(s) 2.Mentoring Model 3.Clarify expectations: what does success look like for mentor, and for the mentee? 4.Consider Terms (written agreement – bonus!) Such as: duration, frequency, when, where, emails, phone 5.No fault-termination 6.Assess success

15 IMPLEMENT MENTORING Example: Assessing Progress Some mentors and mentees benefit from prepared discussion questions. All forms are optional.

16 IMPLEMENT MENTORING utilize resources NAWIC Workbook Step-by-step process; use only what you need Detailed information about mentoring, roles of mentor/mentee Additional reading recommendations NAWIC Program Coordinators: questions, concerns, assistance Industry/NAWIC Events – networking and group mentoring Social Media/ Web-based connections (example: Employer and/or Personal Training on Mentoring – Lois D. Cohen & Associates

17 IMPLEMENT MENTORING worth the effort Doesn’t have to be a complicated or time consuming! Unexpected benefits! Giving without asking for anything in turn = loyalty = new members Opportunity for NAWIC to enhance perception as an “industry resource” Ask that you: 1.commit to initiating a new professional relationship 2.spread the word and check out the updated materials 3.keep in touch – we want your feedback

18 Your Education. Your Career. Your Future THANK YOU! QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ? Amanda Wilson Carol Eisenlohr

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