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By Sydney Long and Mason Mayes

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1 By Sydney Long and Mason Mayes
Caddo By Sydney Long and Mason Mayes

2 I. Location and Government
The Caddo were located in the Piney woods of East Texas. The Caddo had a chief called caddi. They also had a high chief called a xinesi. The xinesi was in charge of the sacred fire. The chiefs passed their positions to their sons.

3 II. Dress Caddo men wore breechcloths made of deerskin.
In colder weather they wore buffalo robes, leggings, and moccasins. Often they shaved or plucked all hair but in the middle like a mohawk. They plucked all facial hair. The women wore deer skin skirts and buffalo robes.

4 III. Homes The Caddo homes and lodges looked like beehives or haystacks. The homes of the Caddo were framed with logs or tree branches. The Caddo houses used cane as roofing material. The Caddo used grasses, straw, and thatch to cover the outside of the homes. The beds had reed matting and buffalo skins

5 IV. How They Lived The family is the most important unit in the tribe.
Related families lived together in lodges. When men married they moved into the lodge of their wife. The children belonged to the mother’s clan. Women could simply divorce their husband by throwing their belongings out of the lodge. The Caddo were farmers. The Caddo were excellent potters. The Caddo were great tanners. Also the Caddo were great traders.

6 V. Beliefs The Caddo believed in one god or Great Spirit.
Also they believed in a devil. Last there was a Corn Goddess, Mother Earth, and, the Sacred Fire God. The Caddo were mound builders the mounds were built from cane and grass and were homes for temples, priests, and important families.

7 VI. Summary The Caddo were great farmers of the Piney Woods of East, TX. The Caddo created pottery, baskets, mats and other goods they could trade. The Caddo lived in villages. The Government was controlled by chiefs who were religious leaders. The Caddo believed in a creator and tried to live life in a land that had plenty to offer.

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