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T UNICA -B ILOXI I NDIANS Ms. Smith’s Social Studies 5 th Hour.

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1 T UNICA -B ILOXI I NDIANS Ms. Smith’s Social Studies 5 th Hour

2 C OMING TO L OUISIANA Both the Tunica and Biloxi Indians lived in Mississippi. The Tunica Indians were forced out of Mississippi when the Chickasaw Indians took over their lands The Biloxi Indians were forced to leave by the French.

3 C OMING TO L OUISIANA By the late 1780s both reside in Avoyelles Parish In the 1920’s these tribes became allies and joined together to form one tribe

4 S URVIVAL Their homes were located near major waterways taking advantage of trade routes. They traded goods such as salt and arrow heads Instead of money Indians used shells, quartz, or pearls

5 S URVIVAL The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe used waterways as a source of travel and food. They carved canoes from cypress logs

6 S URVIVAL They are well known for their pottery, baskets, and woodcarving.

7 S URVIVAL The Tunica people were farming people. Both men and women planted and harvested crops. Their main crops were corn, beans, squash, and pumpkins. They were known for intercropping (planting in the same spot)

8 S URVIVAL Not only were the men farmers, they were also hunters. They hunted deer, wild turkey, and buffalo

9 S URVIVAL While the men were the hunters the women collected fruits, nuts, and mushroom used for cooking and cared for the children

10 S URVIVAL The children did the same things all children do-- play with each other, go to school and help around the house. Tunica children like to go hunting and fishing with their fathers. They did have dolls, toys and games Stickball – popular game

11 S URVIVAL Their villages were surrounded by reinforced walls called palisades. Their homes were thatched houses. One family lived in a house year round.

12 C LOTHING The men wore breechclothes and leggings The women wore wrap around skirts of deer skin or fiber Both men and women wore tattoos and moccasins for their feet.

13 S UMMARY Tunica-Biloxi Indians had a very simple lifestyle. They were forced from their homes and quickly adapted to their new surroundings. Homes were built near major waterways to allow easy access for travel and food. Trading, hunting, and farming became a way of live for the Tunica- Biloxi Indians. Louisiana is still the home to many Tunica-Biloxi Indians.

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