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By Tanner Creel and Ava Rumfield

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1 By Tanner Creel and Ava Rumfield
Jumano By Tanner Creel and Ava Rumfield

2 I. Location and Organization
There were two groups of Jumano Native Indians. The two groups of Jumano the Nomadic groups were called Pueblo Jumano and the other group was called Plains Jumano. There were hunter-gathers and farmers who farmed for a living. Each Jumano was ran by a Chief. The Chief helped solve the problems that came up.

3 II. Dress The Jumanos tattooed and painted their bodies. The females wore their hair long. Males cut their hair short to about their forehead. The males wore buffalo hides. The females wore deerskin skirts and ponchos also adding buffalo cloats.

4 III. Homes Farmers lived in a house made of adobe and dried mud called pueblos. They are very strong. Farmers could stand on their flat roofs. Their homes were partly underground. The natives lived in usual homes they were made of sticks. They were easy to pick up and move.

5 IV. How They Lived In Jumano farmers grew crops, corn, beans, squash, gourds, and cotton. All the seeds were grown using rain. The tribe did not bring water to their seeds. The females gathered mesquite pods and beans to make a type of flour. Droughts were often had to be deal with. The farmers built granaries to store food. Males hunted deer, fowl, and buffalo. The Jumanos were a part of a big Network . The tribes had a special pottery.

6 V. Beliefs The Jumanos had Ceremonies. We do not know much about the Jumanos but we do know that they love music? And made it a part of their Ceremonies. In the Ceremonies they would sing, clap, and dance.

7 VI. Summary They had a lot of contact with the Europeans.
Jumanos worked very well to their driest region of Texas! Not alot of Jumanos lived near the rivers. Jumanos were a important part of a great native network that crossed Texas

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