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TFT Blitzfire.

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1 TFT Blitzfire

2 The Task Force Blitzfire is a personal portable monitor (PPM) capable of flows of 500+ GPM and is easily deployed by one firefighter.

3 It is supplied by a single 2 ½” hose, can be pre-connected to the apparatus, and can be mounted on the exterior of the rig for rapid deployment.

4 The design of the inlet and the discharge neck creates a downward pressure that adds stability to the Blitzfire.

5 It has a rear pivoting inlet that allows the hose to stay flat to the ground.

6 The folding legs extend outward to provide lateral stability.

7 The discharge can be adjusted for a low attack angle.

8 It can be secured to the ground or another object by using the provided strap and base ring.

9 The operating handle has a ratchet feature that allows for partial opening of the monitor.
Pull the handle lock outward and pull the handle towards you.

10 It has a safety feature that shuts off the monitor when a sudden force (in excess of) 1G is introduced. Hydraulic dampening in the handle prevents water hammer in the Blitzfire.

11 Not for extending lines
Because of the automatic shut-off feature, you should NOT extend hose lines from the Blitzfire. Any force greater than 1 G will automatically shut the Blitzfire down: Laterally From the top Blunt force Water hammer (from the pump side) Any of these will trip this feature.

12 Discharge pressures with solid tip
100 feet of 2 ½” 100 PSI = 400 GPM 125 PSI = 450 GPM 150 PSI = 500 GPM

13 Solid tip (continued) 200 feet of 2 ½” 150 PSI = 435 GPM

14 Fog tip settings The fog tip has two settings: Low Pressure (55 PSI)
Standard (100 PSI) Can also be adjusted to straight stream, fog, or flush.

15 Discharge pressures with fog tip
100 Feet of 2 ½” Standard tip setting 205 PSI = 500 GPM

16 Fog tip (continued) 100 feet of 2 ½” Low pressure setting
180 PSI = 500 GPM

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