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Blitzfire Deck Gun Ground Monitor

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1 Blitzfire Deck Gun Ground Monitor
Master Streams Blitzfire Deck Gun Ground Monitor

2 Extinguishing Properties of Water
Cooling (Absorbing the heat from a fire) Smothering (Diluting or excluding Oxygen)

3 Cooling When heated to its boiling point, Water absorbs heat by converting into the gas phase called water vapor or steam (vaporization) Latent heat of Vaporization The energy required to change a substance from a liquid to a gas phase. This is how water absorbs heat from a fire. Water uses the fire’s heat energy to change water into steam

4 Latent Heat of Vaporization
Evaporation requires heat energy that comes from the nearest available heat source. This heat energy is known as the “latent heat of vaporization,” and its removal cools the source it comes from. An example is the cooling of your body by evaporation of perspiration.

5 Steam Expansion Water expands to 1,700 times its original volume when converted to steam at 212 degrees Farenheit

6 Smothering Dilutes or excludes oxygen from the fire
Steam expansion can displace hot smoke and other products of combustion May smother fire by excluding oxygen Water absorbs the heat using Latent Heat of Vaporization, creating steam and cooling fuel below ignition temperatures. Within a compartment, the steam created can displace the oxygen.

7 Heat Absorption Efficiency
The efficiency in which a fire stream absorbs heat is largely dependant on the surface area of the water introduced into the heated environment This is demonstrated by the use of a fog nozzle or a solid stream, or a hand line vs. a master stream…

8 Solid or Fog… Hand-line or Master?
A solid stream is more compact Fog has more surface area If you have a large fire with high heat, a fog nozzle on a hand-line may not be able to penetrate to the seat of the fire and might evaporate before reaching the heated fuel and the hot seat of the fire… A Master Stream might do it!

9 Master Streams According to Essentials of Firefighting 5th Addition, a Master Stream discharges more than 350 GPM and is fed by 2 ½ or 3 inch hose-lines or large diameter hoses connected to a Master Stream nozzle. Master Streams are large volume fire streams.


11 The Blitzfire is a simple, light, and highly maneuverable attack monitor. The Blitzfire's low elevation angle makes it suitable for use indoors. It can go anywhere a handline goes while delivering far more water. If the Blitzfire starts to slide or lift the SAFETY SHUT-OFF VALVE automatically shuts off the flow of water. This safety feature reduces the risk of injury from an out-of-control appliance. The shut-off slows near stroke end to eliminate water hammer. To reset the flow simply open the valve to any of six detent flow positions with the turbulence-free slide valve. The Blitzfire's discharge pivots make directing the stream extremely quick and effortless. A unique up/down pivot on the hose inlet allows the monitor to have stability even on porches, stair landings or the like.

12 Deployment Release strap from housing Depress release mechanism

13 Preconnected Blitzfire is pre-connected with 50 ft down, and 100 up for a total of a150 ft deployment

14 Deployment continued…
Stabilizer arms must be folded out

15 Just the Tip… FOG Nozzle Solid Stream Nozzle
The Blitzfire has a fog nozzle that is kept in the pump operators compartment… Solid Stream Nozzle You can increase or decrease flow (GPM) by Changing out the tips on the solid stream nozzle. 1” tip Fog Nozzle 1 ½” tip 1 ¼” tip

16 Operation The nozzle swivels and allows it to be pointed in any direction. It will stay there on its own and allows for the Blitzfire to be left unattended Pull handle back to operate BLITZFIRE Unlock pin before pulling handle back


18 Removable tips to increase or decrease flow
Deck Guns Removable tips to increase or decrease flow

19 More Tip / Less Tip Smaller Diameter Tip Bigger Diameter Tip
More Pressure … Less Flow Bigger Diameter Tip Less Pressure… More Flow

20 Deck Gun Info… All of our Engines are different. On there is no spot to open up the deck gun from the pump panel. It is connected directly to the pump. A firefighter has to climb up and manually open a valve. When using 2805’s Deck Gun as a Ground Monitor, it must be opened and controlled from the pump. On 2808, the Deck Gun must be activated from the pump panel. This is true even when it is being used as a ground monitor.

21 The only way to really understand is to operate this equipment.
Most importantly… The only way to really understand is to operate this equipment. Come in to the station and ask questions.

22 Operation Once the pump operator opens the valve to the deck gun, it will shoot water on Engine 2808.

23 Crank handle moves tip up and down
Crank handle moves tip up and down. Side to side movement is achieved by simply swiveling the deck gun in its housing Movement Up and down movement is chain driven on You can see the plastic chain guard here.

24 Removing Deck Gun Every Turret or Deck Gun that we have comes off in a different way. Get down to the station and learn how to do it.

25 Ground Monitor Pretzel style layout on ground provides stability
Monitors have a chain that needs to be connected to front of Pretzel lay Stabilizer Arms are deployed Ground Monitors are fed by two 2 ½ “ inch hoses

26 Pin must not be pulled when operating as a ground monitor
Bases for Ground monitors are located on top of the engine next to the deck Gun


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