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How To Pull A Pre-Connect

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1 How To Pull A Pre-Connect
Hose Pulls How To Pull A Pre-Connect

2 Pre-connects Both Pre-connected hose lines are 200’
The front hose line closest to the cab is an 11/2” double jacket The second hose line is an 1 3/4” double jacket

3 The Firefighter receives the order for 1 ½” Pre-connect and repeats it back to the Captain
Locate and grab the nozzle Place hose behind back Hold nozzle in hand in front of body

4 Place hand in the top loop first
Slide loop toward elbow

5 With the first loop at your elbow
Grab the second lower loop with your hand

6 Check for traffic, uneven terrain or obstacles
Announce clearly, “Left, Right, Down, Clear” Step off of running board facing forward Never step off of apparatus backwards!

7 Lean forward and pull hose
Pull hose with a controlled hustle

8 Maintain an awareness of your surroundings
Pull hose in order to pay out all of hose from bed

9 Pull hose until hose load is clear of the bed
When charged, hose left in hose bed will kink and prohibit water flow

10 The hose will become tight
Confirm all the hose is clear from the bed Drop the loop in your hand

11 Slide this loop into your hand
Drop this loop

12 Once the second loop is in your hand, begin pulling.

13 Pull hose with a controlled hustle.
Pull hose until second loop pulls tight.

14 Drop second loop when it pulls tight

15 Once hose is fully deployed, place hose and nozzle where it will be most advantageous for firefighting

16 Flake out hose evenly near the entry point.
Flake hose in order to prevent kinks when charged

17 Adjust pattern to semi-fog.
Confirm GPM setting is correct for the hose line.

18 Signal to the engineer and call for “WATER!”

19 Bleed out the air from the line.
Confirm nozzle pattern.

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