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The Scientific Method.

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1 The Scientific Method

2 What is the Scientific Method?
A process used to find the answers to questions we have about the world around us.

3 Step 1: State the Purpose
The reason why we are performing the experiment THINK: Why are we performing our paper towel experiment? To determine if Bounty paper towel is more absorbent than the leading brand

4 Step 2: Make a Hypothesis
This is an educated guess as to what the outcome of your experiment will be. Written as an IF …THEN…BECAUSE statement. THINK: IF I do this experiment, THEN I think (can measure-DATA) the following change BECAUSE…. EXAMPLE: IF I test 3 different brands of paper towel, THEN I think that Bounty will absorb the most water BECAUSE the ads say so.

5 You Must Identify Your Variables
A variable is any factor that can change in an experiment. (IF) Independent Variable – one thing that the scientist changes to make the experiment THINK: What are we changing in our experiment? Brand of paper towel (Data) Dependent Variable - what the scientist measures as a result of the changes made (will be written as DATA) THINK: What are we measuring in our experiment? # of drops each paper towel absorbs Control Group -The group not directly being tested but is needed for comparison THINK: What is the control group in our experiment? Generic Brand of Paper towel

6 Step 3: List the Materials
A list of all the tools you will need to carry out your experiment.

7 Step 4: Develop a Procedure
Develop the steps for your experiment including all of the variables. Step 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

8 Step 5: Collect Data Follow the steps in your procedure and record your facts, figures, and observations! Your results can be displayed in a table, graph, drawing, paragraph, etc.

9 Step 6: Write a Conclusion
Summarize what was learned from your experiment. State whether or not your hypothesis was supported or rejected. It should also discuss: Why the results are important What you could do to make the experiment better Any sources of experimental error

10 Step 7: Communicate Your Results
Share your findings in a formal way. This could be done by: writing a lab report creating a poster giving an oral presentation.

11 It’s time to use the Scientific Method!!!
GET READY… It’s time to use the Scientific Method!!!

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