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Paper towel absorption lab

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1 Paper towel absorption lab

2 The CLaim The Bounty Promise

3 The problem Many brands of paper towel other than Bounty also claim that they can pick up the most amount of liquid. What paper towel brand can actually absorb the most amount of liquid?

4 Materials 3 brands of paper towel Plastic cup Ruler Water Paper clip
Plate Graduated cylinder beaker

5 STEP 1: Identify variables
Identify the following variables: Independent variable: what is being changed Dependent variable: what you will observe and measure

6 Step 2: write a hypothesis
What do you think will be the relationship between your variables. When writing a hypothesis, use an if, then statement.

7 step 3: create a procedure
Be specific! Make sure to include multiple trials. Be sure to have MEASURABLE results. Your procedure should be clear to someone who has not been in science class before.

8 Experiment!!!

9 Step 5: Analyze data With your data create a visual.
What story does the graph tell? How does the independent variable affect the dependent variable? Is there a relationship?

10 Step 6: conclude Answer your original question.
Accept or reject your hypothesis. Use actual data to provide evidence for what you say. Identify any sources of error. Write in the third person!

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