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Experimental Design Some Terms.

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1 Experimental Design Some Terms

2 Elements to a good experiment
Question Hypothesis Reasonable and testable explanation for observations (if Then statement) Independent Variable What is purposefully changed in the experiment Dependent Variable What changes as a result of the independent variable

3 Experiments continued
Constants What must be kept the same in an experiment Control Trial excluding independent variable- acts as a standard for comparison Trials- the number of times experiment is conducted- should be multiple times

4 Continued . . . Procedure: Step by step explanation of how you are conducting your experiment If well-written, then anyone should be able to do your experiment Observations/data collection Recording of observations or data Usually in the form of a data table

5 Continued: Results: Formal recording of the results- usually in the form of a graph Conclusions- must contain 3 items Was your hypothesis correct? How do you know? (prove it from the data) Error in your experiment?

6 Example from homework:
Question: Hypothesis IV DV Constants Control Trials

7 Procedure Ob/data collection Results conclusion

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