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Español 2 Avancemos Lección Preliminar

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1 Español 2 Avancemos Lección Preliminar
Stem-changing Verbs Español 2 Avancemos Lección Preliminar

2 Stem-Changing Verbs The stem of a verb is the part of the infinitive that is left after you take of the endings –er, ar, or –ir. For example, the stem of the the verb almorzar is almorz-. Stem-changing verbs have a change in their stem in all forms of the present tense EXCEPT FOR the nosotros (as) and vosotros (as) forms.

3 e  ie o  ue e  i There are three types of stem-changing verbs:
e-ie/e-i/o-ue. Here are some of them…. e  ie pensar = to think querer = to want perder = to lose entender = to understand preferir = to prefer o  ue almorzar = to eat lunch poder = to be able/can encontrar = to find dormir = to sleep volver = to return e  i servir = to serve pedir = to order seguir = to follow competir = to compete

4 Steps to conjugating a stem-changing verb
Cross off AR/ER/ or IR from the infinitive. Write the pronouns (yo, tú, etc…) Change the stem to the changed stem in everything EXCEPT NOSOTROS AND VOSOTROS. 4) Add the AR/ER/ or IR endings (depending on the type of verb. 5) Translate pronouns and all forms of the verb into English. Now you are done!!! If you did it correctly, the stem changed forms of the verb are shaped like a boot.

5 Boot Verbs Stem-changing verbs are sometimes referred to as “boot verbs”. This is because the forms of the verb that change the stem make the shape of a boot

6 Poder – to be able/can (o-ue stem-changing verb)
Yo nosotros/as vosotros/as él/ella usted ellos/ellas/ustedes

7 Pedir – to order (e – i stem change)
singular plural Yo pido nosotros/as pedimos Tú pides vosotros/as pedís él/ella usted pide ellos/ellas ustedes piden

8 Querer – to want (e-ie stem changing verb)
singular plural Yo quiero nosotros queremos tú quieres vosotros queréis él/ella/usted quiere Ellos/ellas/ustedes quieren

9 Vamos a practicar: Conjugate the following stem-changing verbs. When done, draw a boot around the ones that changed the stem (everything EXCEPT NOSOTROS/VOSOTROS) Remember – the er/ir/ar endings will remain the same as you have previously learned. E IE PENSAR = TO THINK E  I SERVIR = TO SERVE O  UE ALMORZAR = TO EAT LUNCH

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