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Stem Changing Verbs ~Present Tense~

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1 Stem Changing Verbs ~Present Tense~

2 Review *Remember = To conjugate most verbs in the present tense you simply take off the last two letters and add the new ending

3 Endings AR ER IR o amos o emos o imos as áis es éis es ís
a an e en e en

4 Stem Changing Verbs For some verbs, however, a spelling change is required before conjugating it. The spelling change is in the stem of the verb = Therefore they are called “stem changing verbs”

5 For example, remember how to conjugate the verb “Jugar”?
Jugar = (u  ue) Juego Jugamos Juegas Jugáis Juega Juegan Notice = Which 2 forms DO NOT have the stem change?

6 When working with Stem Changing Verbs, there is a stem change in all of the forms except : NOSOTROS and VOSOTROS

7 An easy way to remember this is that you can draw a shoe around the forms that DO have a stem change: Jugar = (u  ue) Juego Jugamos Juegas Jugáis Juega Juegan

8 There are 4 types of stem changes:
o  ue e  ie e  i u  ue

9 Texto p. 15, Act. #14 Texto pg. 11, Act. #7
¡Exprésate! Texto p. 15, Act. #14 Texto pg. 11, Act. #7

10 Download and complete:
“WS – Stem Changing Verbs (1)”

11 O  UE Poder = to be able to, can Volver = to return
Resolver = to resolve, to solve Doler = to hurt Probar = to try Recordar = to remember Costar = to cost Encontrar = to find Dormir = to sleep

12 E  IE Cerrar = to close Comenzar = to start Empezar = to start
Pensar = to think Recomendar = to recommend Querer = to want Despertarse = to wake up Tener = to have (Yo =Tengo)

13 E  I Pedir = to request Repetir = to repeat Competir = to compete
Decir = to say, to tell (*Yo = digo) Servir = to serve

14 U  UE Jugar = to play

15 Práctica Yo (encontrar) el libro que busco. encuentro
¿Tú (jugar) al fútbol? juegas Nosotros (dormir) en el hotel. dormimos

16 Práctica Can I go to the restroom? At what time do your parents return? What do you think? My brother says “No.” I close my eyes and I sleep.

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