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3 LENS is a non-profit endowment foundation with 501(C )(3) status located in McLean, VA operated entirely by volunteers LENS’ MISSION: LENS’ MISSION: is to support the struggling, but inspired work of Lutheran pastors, seminarians and congregations throughout Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

4 LENS GOALS: 1.To provide $40,000 annually for student aid 2.To provide stipends of $1200 - $1500/pastor to assist graduates of the seminary 3.To raise endowment funds of $1 million to provide student aid over a long-term commitment.

5 HISTORY 1938 – the last Lutheran church, St. Peter and Paul, was closed by Stalin 1997 – Novosaratovka Theological Seminary reopened in a former Lutheran Church.

6 Gerhard Krodel, a former Dean and Professor of Gettysburg Seminary, and his wife, Joan, have raised more than $1.4 million to support Novosaratovka Seminary

7 LENS will build on the Krodels great work and dedication Seminary grounds before construction of new buildings

8 ELCROS Officially “The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Central Asia” Developed in the final years before the fall of the Soviet Union German roots Today unites 8 synods with parishes in 9 countries. A church in transition

9 The Development of the Novosaratovka Theological Seminary Established on the site of the 19 th century St. Catherine’s Lutheran Church in a village near St. Petersburg, Novosaratovka The building, which had been used as a school during Soviet times, purchased and renovated with help from the Board for Mission Support, USA. Seminary officially dedicated in Sept. 1997. Arose out of the need for professionally educated clergy in the parish. The seminary’s most recent entering class – Feb 2004 The seminary’s first students – 1997

10 THE SEMINARY TODAY Four full-time teaching faculty, a rector, three translators and other staff 15 full-time students come from 8 different countries and various language and ethnic groups Other courses – –extension education – more than 40 students – –Seminars for other church leaders

11 THE SEMINARY – A UNIQUE PLACE One of the few places for women to receive their theological education with a view towards ordination Ecumenically open theology in the tradition of the western church

12 God’s Work The needs are great, and you can help train future leaders and support the Novosaratovka Seminary through a donation to: LENS Foundation 1545 Chain Bridge Road McLean, VA 22101 Website: Email:


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