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Jamaica School of Preaching Reaching the Caribbean Basin for the Lord. (And also the world) By: Scott Kossbiel.

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1 Jamaica School of Preaching Reaching the Caribbean Basin for the Lord. (And also the world) By: Scott Kossbiel

2 JSP serving the Lord in the Caribbean. Our graduates are serving in 16 countries including the USA and Europe

3 When the Director of JSP first visited Cuba in 1989, there were only 9 congregations of the Lord’s church in the island. It was decided to bring 2 Cubans to JSP and after they graduated in 1997, JSP designed an extension program to train the Cuban brethren in their own country. The Lord has blessed Cuba with an increase and today there are more than 200 congregations spread all over the island.

4 To train them, there was a need to translate, all the information on every subject, this was done in our office in Santa Clara, in the very center of the island!!! We did not have enough materials in Spanish language, so we made it by Translating the best materials, Printing booklets, Equipping our students with good tools.

5 Prayers and hard work make things Happens! Our target,to evangelize the entire island for the Lord An adventure or special quest??? A conflict with another character??? Completing a big project??? Return to Narrative Diamond

6 Jamaica School of Preaching!!! In 1989, when we started to work in the kingdom, there were only 9 known congregations of the Lord’s church in Cuba., in In 1991, when we decided to go to Jamaica to do our Biblical Studies, there were 11 known congregations. In 1996 on returning from Jamaica to resume our work, commencing with the JSP internship, there were now 19 known congregations of the Lord’s church in Cuba. Now in 2011, we officially have 160 recognized congregations, but I can say that the truth figure is near to 200 congregations spread throughout the island. As tools in God’s Hand JSP have greatly contributed to this growth. Return to Narrative Diamond

7 One of our graduations!!! Personally delivering the diplomas to our graduates Brethren from abroad always witnessed our labors Have you seen Gladwyn so happy? Return to Narrative Diamond

8 Graduation 2005!!! Local leaders were always rejoicing with us ! Return to Narrative Diamond

9 Not only teaching the men!!! The Cuban sisters were also taught in many workshops held for our American sisters They came to help us with the work so many times!!! How can the church grow without the help of the better half!!!

10 Santa Clara, Remedios, Matagua, VC

11 Commitment, does not have distance. The Ethiopian eunuch travelled a long way, and so did these people to learn about the true God and His Son Jesus It may look fun, and it is fun and unique, for these country people Transportation means was not an excuse to miss the occasion.

12 Preparing and Training not only preachers, but also good Christian Counselors. Jamaica and the USA stretching hands Jamaica School of Preaching & American Christian Bible College Graduation 2007

13 Bro. Kiddoe, and his better half personally supervising the work in the field.

14 So many brethren from abroad, USA, have come to joint into this wonderful work A Sunday worshiping in Santa Clara city.

15 When the gospel is preached, many come to the Lord, to be guided and baptized.

16 Preaching, teaching, training. This is JSP

17 Taking our children to the Master’s feet to continue our Christian pilgrimage. They need the Lord’s ways the most.

18 Our Caribbean sisters while studying in Cuba they are able to feed their souls

19 Many churches are being planted

20 Many churches are being planted, need to be watered

21 Many churches are being planted, need to be watered

22 Churches and preachers, all over the country.

23 JSP is now aiming to Central America

24 Belize maybe our future head quarter’s to launch our extension program in 2 languages

25 Belize is so strategically located, that we can, not only spread the gospel in the country but also reach out to neighboring countries., Is this not a dream in the Lord?

26 We plan to use the same system we used in Cuba, settling satellites schools with a bilingual staff, located there, and with God’s help accomplish our purpose. Serve the Master of heaven. And many will come later to water it, God will give the increase.

27 There is Long and narrow road ahead of us, will you come with us to labor for the Master?

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