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Virtual Campus Tour. Welcome to PTS The virtual campus tour is designed to acquaint you with the campus and the people who will support your educational.

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1 Virtual Campus Tour

2 Welcome to PTS The virtual campus tour is designed to acquaint you with the campus and the people who will support your educational experience. It will also introduce you to our community….one community of students, faculty, and staff from many places who value education for ministry and strive to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3 Entering to Learn and Grow Phillips Theological Seminary has been in its current location for six years, but the school has been about the business of preparing women and men for the varied ministries of church and society since 1907.

4 Current Location Our current location is an office building that was donated to us by the QuikTrip Corporation. Renovations were done to allow the building to better accommodate a graduate school. Whether you study with us on campus or online, your education is enhanced by state-of-the-art educational technology in our up-to-date classrooms.

5 Hospitality from the Start Tonee Jordan Front Desk Receptionist 918-610-8303 The first stop anytime you’re not sure where to find what you’re looking for Video greeting

6 The North End After checking in at the front desk, a left turn will take you to the north end of the Cadieux Building, an area that houses the library and several administrative offices. Portraits of former deans and presidents can be found in the lobby area at the north end, as well as a mural depicting important events in the100-year history of PTS that fills a wall in the Fate Board Room.

7 The Library Sandy Shapoval Director of PTS Library Library hours are posted on the PTS websitePTS website Video greeting

8 The Library

9 President’s Office Gary Peluso-Verdend President and Associate Professor of Practical Theology Video greeting

10 Stewardship Geoff Brewster and Ginny Walker Stewardship Directors The stewardship office helps raise money for student scholarships and the annual budget Video Greeting

11 Fate Board Room

12 Business Office Lora Conger Director of Business and Finance

13 The Center The central part of the building is the hub for services for students. The computer lab, prayer rooms, chapel, and student services offices are all located in this area.

14 Sisk and Tabbernee Prayer Rooms

15 Computer Lab A place for students to have computer and internet access while on campus Wifi hotspots are located through the building for those with laptops

16 Meinders Chapel

17 Early morning prayers at 8:00 a.m. and Evening Prayers at 5:45 p.m. T, W, and Th during the regular semester Chapel services at 11:30 a.m. T, W, and Th during the regular semester Chapel services are done in different styles of worship and are led by students, faculty, and staff

18 Dean’s Office Don A. Pittman Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean, and Professor of the History of Religions Video greeting

19 Dean’s Office Staci Copenhaver Assistant to the Deans Helps students with a variety of academic issues Video greeting

20 Student Services From first contact with the seminary through graduation, student services staff provide support to help prospective students and students succeed at PTS.

21 Student Services Belva Brown Jordan Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Services Video greeting

22 Student Services Katrina Schwartz Assistant for Student Services Helps students with support services

23 Student Services Linda Ford Director of Student Recruitment Helps prospective students discern where theological education fits in their futures Video greeting

24 Student Services Ann Jordan Director of Financial Aid Helps students with seminary tuition assistance and federal loans Video greeting

25 Student Services Toni Imbler Registrar Helps students with registration issues, transcripts, enrollment verification, and billing Video greeting

26 The South End The south end of the Cadieux building houses classrooms, the chaplain’s office, faculty offices, and the student commons.

27 Student Commons Lunch is available for purchase T, W, Th during the regular semester; leftovers are available for dinner Refrigerators and microwaves are available for those who bring lunch or dinner

28 Chaplain’s Office Susanna Southard Chaplain and Instructor in Hebrew Bible Office located just off of the student commons Video greeting

29 Faculty Offices Faculty offices are scattered throughout the south end of the building. Each faculty member posts office hours. Check your syllabi or contact your faculty members to see when they are available to meet in person, over the phone, or through an internet video conference. Contact info for the faculty is posted on the PTS website.PTS website

30 Classrooms

31 Ministerial Formation PTS is a diverse ecumenical community with around 20 denominations represented in our student body. Differences in theological perspective are valued, while students are also challenged to think critically about what they believe. Ministerial formation directors provide students with connections to their denominational groups, enabling them to develop ministry identities consistent with their traditions, while learning to engage in ecumenical dialogue. Currently, we have ministerial formation directors for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), Baptists, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Click the following for video greeting from one of our formation directors: John Imbler

32 Tabbernee Conference Center A small conference center is located adjacent to the Cadieux building Used for public lectures, classes and other seminary functions

33 Labyrinth and Prayer Gardens Connected to the Tabbernee Conference Center Open daily for students and others to use

34 Conclusion We are delighted you’ve chosen to be part of the PTS community. Whether you participate in community life on campus or online, we are here to help make your educational experience meaningful and helpful. Please let us know how we can help.

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