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Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT)

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1 Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT)

2 is a leading transport educational institution, the biggest university complex of Russia 2

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4 The University was founded as the Moscow Imperial College of Engineering (IMIU) by the Decree of Emperor Nicholas the Second on May, 23 (June, 4) 1896. Classes began on September, 12 (26) 1896 4

5 The first students graduated from the College on June, 2, 1899. Only 24 students out of 60 admitted received the diploma 5

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7 Throughout its 117 years, history the University has trained more than 500 000 highly qualified specialists with higher and secondary professional education They work successfully in transport sector and in a variety of fields of activity in Russia and 57 countries worldwide 7

8 Among MIIT graduates there are more than 30 Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Socialist Labour, the leaders of the transport industry, scientists with the world names, members of the Russian government, regional governors, mayors of large cities, well-known public figures, prominent members of the Russian Orthodox Church and the culture, the country's top businessmen 8

9 9 INSTITUTES INSTITUTES9 4 AСADEMIES 4 4 FACULTIES The Research Institute of Transport Construction The Research Institute of Transport Construction Moscow College of Railway Transport 24 branches of the University in 22 regions of Russian Federation 24 branches of the University in 22 regions of Russian Federation 5 The Medical College The Gymnasium University Structure 9 The College of Law

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11 There are 4 academies in the University: The Russian Academy of Railway Transport (provides supplementary professional education) The Russian Public Academy of Transport (provides higher professional extramural education) The Academy of Complex Safety and Security The Academy of Transport Medicine 1

12 There are 9 institutes in the University: The Institute of Humanities The Institute of International Transport Networks The Institute of Track, Construction and Structures The Institute of Russian-German Cultural Relations The Institute of Transport Technologies and Control Systems The Institute of Management and Information Technologies The Institute of Economy and Finance The Institute of Law The Institute of Applied Technologies The Research Institute of Transport Construction 1212

13 Palace of Culture Palace of Sports Hostels 13

14 There are 4 faculties in the University: The Faculty of Part-time Training The Faculty of Preuniversity Training The Faculty of Professional Development The Faculty of Researchers Training and 4 colleges in the University: Moscow College of Railway Transport The Medical College The College of Law The Gymnasium 1414

15 There are 24 branches of the University in 22 regions of Russian Federation (Central, North-West, North, South-East and South region Russia) 1515

16 There are currently more than 118 000 students at the University: Over 45 000 of them are on higher professional study programs, Over 19 000 students are on secondary professional training programs 1616

17 The University Trains: Students on higher professional study programs in 60 specialties Bachelors on 27 study programs Masters on 16 study programs Students on secondary professional training programs in 32 specialties Training and retraining of labour in 134 specialties 1717

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19 The largest Russian and foreign partners of MIIT: JSC «Russian Railways» «Transstroy» Corporation The Moscow Metro German, Spanish, Finnish, French railways «Alstom», «Bombardier», «Siemens» companies 4 1919

20 There are 480 Study Programs. Training and refresher courses for executives and experts in transport and other industries (up to 50000 professionals per year) The University (on a par with 6 other Russian institutions of higher education) offers a nationally licensed MBA program 20

21 A unique Simulation system of Logistic centers operation for different modes of transport interaction Multimodal Training Center 2121

22 The University today: The most up-to-date resource base for teaching, learning and research Unique educational centers, including the Multimodal Training Center Innovative educational technologies and advanced personnel training The Supercomputer (64 nodes, 128 CPU, 512 cores, 1 Terabyte of RAM, 4.5 trillion operations per second) 22

23 Research and Development 24 scientific schools with national and international authority. 62 experts for training highly qualified researchers. 140 patents in force (including 8 international patents). The university publishes scientific journals "World of Transport and Transportation Journal", "Science and Technology of Transport", “Herald of MIIT" 2323

24 The University Library is one of the oldest and largest university libraries in Russia. The fund of the Library exceeds 4.4 million units. It holds more than 300 000 units in electronic form 2424

25 International activity Number of foreign students is over 1800 people from 28 foreign countries Constant participation in the implementation of major international projects (including those of the EU) Multifaceted collaboration with 103 universities and partner companies from 40 countries The University initiated and hosts one of the largest international student research conferences «TRANS – MECH – ART – CHEM» 2525

26 The following organizations are on the foundation of the University: The Educational Association for Training in Transport Construction The Russian Association of Transport Universities Board of Education and Science under the Transport Coordination Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 2626

27 2727

28 Thank you for your attention! 2828

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