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2 Overview General Information Process Rules & Regulations Special Circumstances Timeline Questions

3 What is Room Selection? Room Selection is the process by which upper- class students select their rooms for the following year. The process will happen from 6:00-9:00 p.m. on Monday, April 8 only. This Room Selection process has been determined by the Office of Residence Life as the most effective, efficient, fair, and flexible way to allow students to choose their own rooms.

4 Priority Number You will be assigned a priority number which will determine your room selection time. Priority numbers are randomly assigned by class standing. (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores) Priority numbers will be equally distributed into 15-minute time slots for Room Selection.

5 Room Selection Card You will receive your priority number on a Room Selection Card, which will be mailed to your on- campus mailbox on the week of March 25-29. – If you do not currently live on campus, your card can be picked up in the Office of Residence Life. Your Room Selection Card will also include a preferences portion, which must be filled out prior to Room Selection. You MUST bring your card with you to Room Selection in order to select a room.

6 Spring 2013 Room Selection Card Name: Class Standing: Priority Number: Selection Time: Residence Hall Preferences (North, Magbee, Phase II, Jacobs, Alumni): *You MUST bring this card and a valid student ID to room selection in order to proceed. 1. _________________2. _________________3. __________________ Floor Preference (circle one): First Second Third Fourth Room Preference: _____________________________________ Roommate(s): _____________________________________________________________________ Special Needs/Considerations: __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Are you open to living in a mixed-gender suite?YesNo

7 Room Selection Process Arrive at Schmidt Sport and Recreation Center Stand in the appropriate line for your time Approach Residence Life (RL) staff when it is your turn and share your room preferences Once your room is assigned, RL staff will write it on your Room Selection Card Sign your Housing Contract and other forms Hand your Room Selection Card to an RA on your way out

8 Room Selection Notes You may arrive as early as you would like, but you will NOT be able to select a room prior to your assigned time. Bring: – Room Selection Card – Student ID – Proxy Form (if applicable) – NOTE: You CANNOT select a room without these items. While in line, keep an eye on the floor plans being marked to see which rooms are already assigned.

9 Roommates Roommates are defined as the two individuals in a suite who share a bathroom. – In Alumni Hall, roommates share a single suite. Roommates who are committing to live together can both attend Room Selection at the time of the roommate with the highest priority number. – NOTE: This rule DOES NOT apply to suitemates.

10 Proxy Form If you cannot attend Room Selection, you may send someone to go in your place. This person is called a proxy. The proxy can only pull in one person, so you may have to go at two separate times. Fill out the Proxy Form (available in the Office of Residence Life or the Residence Life website). Give your completed Proxy Form AND Room Selection Card to your proxy, and they may select a room for you at your designated time. You will need to have some form of photo ID from the person. (Their petrel pass, license, etc.) Roommates may serve as proxies, but still must have the forms mentioned above.

11 Proxy Form (cont’d)

12 Gender Neutral Housing Oglethorpe University offers open gender neutral housing, meaning that students can live with any individual, regardless of gender identity or expression, in all residence halls. On your Room Selection Card, you may indicate whether or not you are open to living in a mixed- gender suite. No student will be forced into an undesirable living environment. Students who choose to live in mixed-gender suites must sign a Gender Neutral Housing Contract following Room Selection.

13 The mission of this community is to bring together sophomore students who are interested in defining their role within the Oglethorpe community while having a live-in support team. Students will have the chance to participate in programming within their residence hall focused on various components of their sophomore year, including finding internships, establishing relations with alumni, and participating in civic engagements opportunities just to name a few. Students will participate in a weekly community meeting within their residence hall and meet other expectations of the learning community. Sophomore Year Housing What is the timeline? March 1 st - Application available on the Residence Life Website Link : March 28 th - Application due April 5 th at 6:30 p.m. North Magbee 4 th Floor Theater- Welcome Mixer, roommate selection

14 Special Needs/Accommodations If there are any special needs or accommodations the Office of Residence Life should consider for your housing, please feel free to contact us directly by Friday, March 29. If you have a disability services concern, you will be required to get approval from Mr. Mark Gross, Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center, at or 404-364- 8869. This approval must occur prior to room draw.

15 Timeline Monday, March 25 th at 6:00 p.m. Dorough Gym – Informational Session Monday, March 25-Friday, March 29 – Room Selection Cards distributed via campus mail Friday, March 29 – Special need/accommodation requests/documentation due – Housing Exemption Requests and/or Study Abroad Forms Monday, April 8 – 6:00pm Schmitt Gym – Room Selection

16 Questions?

17 Contact Us Office of Residence Life Alumni Hall, Suites 13 & 14 (404) 364-8520 Danny Glassmann Director of Residence Life Christian Wells Assistant Director of Residence Life Crystal Riley Residence Life Coordinator Tyler Till Residence Life Coordinator Andrew Haggerty Graduate Intern for Residence Life


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