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Invisible identity series

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1 Invisible identity series
Gender Neutral Identities on Campus March 27, 2014

2 What is gender vs. Sex? Sex- biological and physiological, makeup of one’s reproductive organs, assigned at birth (i.e., ‘what’s in your pants’) -Examples of sex characteristics: Women menstruate while men do not, men have testicles while women do not. Gender- the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women. (i.e., ‘what’s in your head’). -Dominant beliefs in American society about gender: women raise children and do housework, men provide for and protect the family.

3 Binary Genders vs. non-binary genders
Binary genders- typically falling at the extreme ends of the gender spectrum: either male or female exclusively. Non-binary/genderqueer- any gender identity that falls elsewhere on the spectrum, typically seen as ‘not fitting’ into the accepted boxes of male or female. Note: ‘Transgender’ is an umbrella term that can potentially cover all people who transgress or transcend (go beyond the limits of) society’s rules and concepts of gender. People may be transgender due to their self expression, identity or personal history.” Examples of Non-Binary/Genderqueer Identities -Bi-gender: identifying as both male and female, depending on circumstance -Agender: identifying as neither male or female Source:



6 Understanding the Impact of Gender on Daily Life

7 Gender neutral practices: Transgender Law and Policy Institute
Residence halls A policy that supports transgender students in obtaining a safe housing that is in keeping with their gender identity/expression. Ithaca College, Ohio State University, the University of California, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin. Creating gender-neutral housing options, in which students are assigned a roommate regardless of gender. More than 25 colleges and universities offer this. Bathrooms Currently, more than 150 campuses have gender-neutral bathrooms. This is promoted either through renovations or by simply changing the signs on single-stall male/female restrooms. The University of Arizona has established a bathroom policy that affirms that individuals have the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

8 Gender Neutral Practices
Housing Bathrooms Yale Gender-Neutral suite options for Juniors & Seniors Currently proposing for sophomore gender-neutral housing Gettysburg College Sophomores and up Students can live in any style housing on any campus No gender-neutral housing limit Reasoning to participate is private Haverford 2 Bathrooms in most individual floors Students vote during opening week on coed bathrooms If any student refuses, the residents decide which bathroom is for each gender Bates College Specific Residence Halls have gender-neutral bathroom options Bathrooms in these locations are coed


10 What is the impact at Umass Lowell?
What ideas do you have to make our campus more inclusive?

11 resources Yale: Gender Neutral Suites Neutral-Housing-to-Sophomores.pdf Gettysburg College: Gender Neutral Housing housing/ Haverford College: Coed Bathrooms/Showers Bates College: Open Gender Housing & Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Specific Halls gender-housing/

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