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2 AM I ELIGIBLE TO LIVE IN AN APARTMENT?  Students must have junior or senior standing to apply for an apartment.  Juniors: At least 16 credits and/or 4 semesters on campus  Seniors: At least 24 credits and/or 6 semesters on campus  Only the class standing of students occupying the apartment in the fall will be considered.

3 APPLICATION PROCESS  NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!  Students must submit their online housing agreement before their application will be accepted.  All interested students must submit an application, including those applying for a studio (1-person) apartment.  Room selection time slots have no bearing on apartment selection.  Student conduct records will be checked  Ineligible if 50% or more of applicants have been on college housing restriction or above  Ineligible if applicants have been involved in multiple incidents together  Contact us EARLY if you have concerns about your group’s eligibility


5 LOTTERY NUMBERS  Randomly generated based on class standings in each applicant group and whether or not housing agreements were turned in by 3/2 deadline  Groups broken down as follows (from lowest, or best, lottery numbers to highest numbers) :  All seniors w/ agreements in on time  All seniors w/ 1 or more late agreement  Mixed seniors & juniors w/ agreements in on time (Groups comprised of more seniors than juniors will not have priority over groups with an equal number of each or those that have more juniors than seniors. All mixed groups have equal standing.)  Mixed seniors & juniors w/ 1 or more late agreement  All juniors w/ agreements in on time  All juniors w/ 1 or more late agreement  Class standing is only considered for the students who will be occupying the apartment during the fall semester. The class standing of students who are away from campus for first semester and are taking the place of students leaving in the spring is not a factor in the determination of lottery numbers.

6 APARTMENT CONFIGURATIONS  Decide what is most important to you  Students can apply for more than one configuration (i.e., a 4-person and 2-person apartment)  Students can only apply for one type of apartment – cannot be part of multiple groups of the same number  Must accept or decline at apartment selection; we will not hold apartments  An acceptance voids other applications of which you are a part  Apartment options are on ResLife website

7 APARTMENT SELECTION  6-person will be pre-offered  Studio and 2-person selection on day 1  4- and 5-person will go at the same time on day 2  Studios typically go to seniors or juniors with very good lottery numbers  All group members do not need to be present, but students will be required to select both the apartment and the specific bedrooms.  Acceptance of an apartment is binding

8 STUDENTS WHO ARE STUDYING ABROAD  Can apply with a group that includes students on campus in the fall but planning to be abroad in the spring (for example, a 4-person apartment could have 6 applicants)  Disputes or problems over semester transition should be solved by students involved  Semester only apartment options  Fall semester applicants go through apartment selection  Spring semester applicants are notified via email prior to end of semester

9 SEMESTER ONLY APARTMENTS  Two apartments available:  EGH 108 – 2 double bedrooms  El Diente 102 – 4 single bedrooms  Go through apartment selection to apply for fall; must vacate at semester  Students applying for spring only do not go through apartment selection; they will be notified via email prior to the end of this semester

10 IMPORTANT DATES  February 17Applications available  March 2Online housing agreement due  March 27Apartment applications due by 5:00pm NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED  March 306-person apartment notified  March 31Apartment lottery numbers emailed  April 1Studio and 2-person apartment selection (Loomis Hall)  April 24- and 5-person apartment selection (Loomis Hall)


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