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1 Employee Assistance Program Presentation. Deer Oaks is a nationwide Employee Assistance, Work/Life, and Wellness Organization Deer Oaks was founded.

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1 1 Employee Assistance Program Presentation

2 Deer Oaks is a nationwide Employee Assistance, Work/Life, and Wellness Organization Deer Oaks was founded in San Antonio in 1992 and is owned by psychologist, Paul Alan Boskind, Ph.D. Deer Oaks offers a combined network/staff based model comprised of clinicians trained in evidence-based short- term models of cognitive behavioral therapy. Deer Oaks offer a multidisciplinary team of EAP specialists nationwide available 24/7 for EAP assessments, counseling, training, and referrals. Who is Deer Oaks?

3 The Deer Oaks Mission To offer assessment, counseling, guidance, resources, and referrals to employees and their family members in order to maximize their well-being and commitment to their work. To partner with employer groups toward goals of increasing productivity, morale, health and wellness, while reducing absenteeism, turnover, violence, and unhealthy workplace patterns. To provide short term education, prevention, and solution-focused health and wellness interventions that will help to reduce unnecessary medical claims costs and control employer group health plan premiums.

4 Capabilities & Experience Largest provider of EAP/Work-Life Services to public employer groups in Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona Currently serving over 250 employer groups and 500,000 member lives Core competency in EAP/Work-Life industry with over 14 years of experience Nationwide Network of 10,000 EAP Specialists for geographic ease of access. Will add to our network at participants request. Large clinical team Quality Assurance Program

5 Our Goal to the Employer To offer support, education and consultation to managers, supervisors, and human resource directors regarding workplace policies and issues pertaining to…. Responsibilities of managing & supervising –Organizational Consultation –Team Building –Workplace Violence –Employee Safety & Training –Employee Health & Productivity –Unlimited CISD –Unlimited DOT/SAP Services –Fitness for Duty Evaluations –Mandatory Referrals

6 Deer Oaks EAP Serving Many Political Subdivions Local employer groups that have chosen Deer Oaks as their EAP benefit provider -Bexar County, TX- City of Laredo, TX - Grayson County, TX -Chaves County, NM- City of Midland, TX - Montgomery County, TX -City of Brownsville, TX- City of Mission, TX - NVEAC Northern -City of Carrollton, TX- City of Missouri City, TXVirginia EAP -City of Corpus Christi, TX- City of Olathe, KS Consortium -City of Farmington, NM- City of Peoria, AZ - State of North -City of Kansas City, MO- City of San Antonio, TXCarolina (44 Agencies) -City of Killeen, TX- City of Schertz, TX - Health and Human -City Of Lawton, OK- City of Waco, TXServices Commission -City of Litchfield Park, AZ- Clay County, MI(5 Agencies) And More, Totaling over 160,384 lives

7 Deer Oaks EAP Services An EAP or Employee Assistance Program is a link to wellness resources and short term counseling services. –EAP 3 Session Model = Up to 3 visits per person, per problem, per year. –EAP 6 Session Model = Up to 6 visits per person, per problem, per year. EAP Referral (Gatekeeper Level 1) –All employees and dependants would call Deer Oaks to both access their EAP as well as the behavioral health benefits. EAP Gatekeeper (Gatekeeper Level 2) –Deer Oaks provides initial assessments, authorizations, pre-certifications, concurrent reviews, and follow-up monitoring Billed quarterly, due on the 1 st day, of the 1 st month of each quarter. Deer Oaks offers licensed Utilization Management services for the behavior health and substance abuse benefit nationwide.

8 Gatekeeper Managed Health Services EAP Referral (Gatekeeper Level 1) –3 Session w/ Level 1 = $1.34 –6 Session w/ Level 1 = $1.65 EAP Gatekeeper (Gatekeeper Level 2) –3 Session w/ Level 2 = $1.70 –6 Session w/ Level 2 = $2.01 EAP 3 Session Model = $.96 EAP 6 Session Model = $1.27

9 Types of Referrals Self referral –when employee identifies a need to speak with a counselor. Suggested referral –when supervisor identifies a pattern of absences, tardiness, decrease productivity or overall concern in the work place he/she can recommend the EAP. Mandatory referral –when supervisor is mandating employee to the EAP in conjunction with a disciplinary action.

10 Implementation Plan 60 day lead time Meeting with the director of human resources Transition of Active Cases- Tranquil Transitions Program Transition of DOT case management Transition of UR function

11 Program Education Wallet Cards Brochures Posters Newsletters Orientation Videos

12 Program Design Employee Wellness Seminars Supervisor Trainings Management Consultations Visit Model Work-Life Services Wellness Services Community Link Program

13 EAP Services 24/7/365 access for employees and household members Accessible toll-free number Completely confidential & HIPAA compliant The current telephone system is successfully handling a call volume of approximately 100 external calls per day, or 2000 per month, with the capacity to handle many more calls

14 Call Center Statistics MeasurementStandardActual Results 2005Actual Results 2006 Average Speed to Answer 14 seconds9 seconds 13 seconds Average Time on Hold15 seconds11 seconds Average Length of Call12 minutes13.5 minutes Abandonment Rate< 2%1.87 %< 1% AVERAGE WAITING PERIODS FOR OUR APPOINTMENTS: Diagnostic Assessments:24-72 hours Mandatory referral assessments:24-72 hours Routine counseling: 24-72 hours Emergency/urgent care: immediate access After hours/holiday care: Many of our offices have evening hours available Financial counseling: 24-72 hours Legal counseling: 24-72 hours

15 Assessment & Referral Telephonic triage Face-to-face diagnostic assessments Treatment planning Telephonic/face-to-face counseling per visit model Referrals as needed to health plan for medical care, long-term behavioral health care, and/or inpatient hospitalization

16 Counseling Short-term counseling Telephonic & face-to-face Cognitive-behavioral model Effective and holistic Involve entire family system when applicable Counseling for all ages and all types of problems Crisis counseling

17 Types of Problems Legal difficulties Relational/Marital issues Stress/Anxiety Child/Adolescent Problems Work-related problems Addiction/Substance abuse Depression/Grief Anger Management Emotional/Personal problems Financial problems Violence prevention





22 Take the High Road! Your ride is on us ! Just turn in your receipt!

23 Legal/Financial Services Legal Assist –Free 30-minute initial visit with in-plan attorney –25% reduction in fees following retainer –Onsite legal seminars –Legal document reviews –Telephonic and web-based legal resources –Electronic legal library Frank about Finances –Free 30-minute initial visit for financial planning and counseling –Reduced rates on certified financial planners –Quarterly newsletters on financial topics –Online links to financial resources, budget templates, calculators –Resources for combating identity theft



26 Work/Life Services Childcare/Eldercare Services –Referrals for child day care, respite care, assisted living, nursing home care –Assistance with access to Medicare resources –Resources for Alzheimer’s Disease and other issues of aging Balancing Work & Family Maternity at Work (MAW) Program Relocation Assistance


28 Health & Wellness Services Matters of the Heart Program –Quarterly newsletters on health topics –On-site seminars Healthy Weight Management Smoking Cessation Stress Management -Resources, tips, tools, articles, videos on health- related information at -Onsite “Ask a Physician” seminars twice per year -Tele-Disease Management Coaching


30 The Resource Experts E-Toolkits - Online resources –articles, tools, tips, power point presentations, links, personal plans, chat rooms, discussion boards, elder assistance, health and wellness, legal and financial assistance Electronic newsletters Resources for HR departments, managers, supervisors –Web-shared brochures, power-point slide shows, conferencing. Referrals to attorneys, mediators, faith-based counselors, financial planners, support groups and community assistance organizations Resource network including health plan providers, DOT SAP providers Support Groups for cancer, depression, divorce, parenting, Alzheimer's, etc…



33 Employer Services Management Assistance Program: –Supervisor Training –MISSION Program –Lend an Ear/Validating Voices –Mandatory Referrals Employer Reports for Return-to-Work Case Management –Performance Improvement Program –Supervisor Supplement E-newsletter –Workplace Violence Prevention –Diversity Training –Team Building –Validating Voices Program

34 RESULTS Program Deer Oaks will partner with the HR Department to examine the impact of the EAP on absenteeism, turnover, employee morale and productivity as compared to industry standards.

35 The MISSION Program Through this program, the Mission of the EAP and the Mission of the HR Department are intertwined. Deer Oaks will…. Modify and Individually-Tailor the EAP benefits to fit with HR’s Mission Initiate a telephonic assessment of the needs of the HR department. Suggest possible solutions. Continuously coordinate with HR to monitor and manage goals.

36 The MAP Program Often there can be an environment in which employees and management have become estranged and separated by a wall of distrust. The MAP interventions can help to bring this wall down and open the path for healthy workplace communications and systems. The MAP program also offers telephonic consultation to managers & training to supervisors, as well as electronic newsletters on human resource and supervisory topics.

37 Unlimited Critical Incident Stress Debriefings Follow Gold Standard – Mitchell Model Onsite within 24 hours of request Let the employer define the critical incident Doctoral level clinicians Education/Support on coping with traumatic events Follow-up with referrals to EAP Expertise – Providers who have been recognized by the American Psychological Association and the American Red Cross for Disaster Assistance

38 Training One of the most proactive and comprehensive approaches to training in the industry. PEPM includes: –10 Employee Wellness/ Supervisor Seminar Topics –Employee & Management Training: Employee Wellness Training Supervisor Training 4 Financial Seminars 4 Legal Seminars DOT Reasonable Suspicion and Drug and Alcohol Education Training »Unlimited online access to training seminars


40 Program Evaluation Quarterly Utilization Reports Employee Satisfaction Surveys Treatment Results Employer Satisfaction Surveys 100% Follow-up Case Management for all Mandatory Referrals Training Seminar Surveys

41 Quality Assurance The quality assurance committee meets weekly. Current Statistics for City of Carrollton: Patient Satisfaction Survey Results: –1st Quarter January to March 2007 Patient Satisfaction Survey Results averaged 100% satisfied with EAP Services. Treatment Outcome Results: –1st January to March 2007 Treatment Outcome Survey Results: Treatment Outcome data notably indicated an average of 19% improvement in presenting symptomatology from the point of intake to follow-up. This is significant given the short-term native of EAP counseling. The greatest degree of improvement for the participants was observed in the area of being fearful marked at 42% and in the area of being upset which was marked by 35% reduction in symptom severity.

42 Expertise in multiculturalism and diversity training Emphasis on customer service and employer group satisfaction EAP clinicians available throughout the state and nation-wide Expertise in child/adolescent issues and geropsychology Knowledgeable about all areas of psychopathology ensuring successful referrals when needed Value Added Services From Deer Oaks Customized Programs: emphasis on flexibility & individually tailored services A more personal approach to EAP: no voice mail mazes; talk to a live person, rapid response to needs, 100% client follow-up A more comprehensive EAP for a greater value Systemic and effective clinical approaches Proactive approach to education, prevention, work/life, and wellness services

43 43 Thank You For Your Time! Deer Oaks is honored to serve the employees and families of PEBA

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