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Business Health Services New Employee Orientation © 2012 BHS. All Rights Reserved.

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1 Business Health Services New Employee Orientation © 2012 BHS. All Rights Reserved.

2 What Is An EAP? Services include: Short-term Face-to-Face or Telephonic Counseling Services Supervisory/Management Consultation Work/Life Services Everyone experiences occasional difficulties... Employee Assistance Programs are free company-sponsored benefits which provide employees and their household members with confidential assistance to help with family, personal, or work-related problems. Employee Wellness Informational Website Liaison with Health Insurance Carriers Community/Resource Referrals

3 Relationships Spouse Kids Boss Friends Co-Workers Customers Life Changes Marriage/Divorce Births/Deaths Promotions & Retirement Role changes Risks Depression Anxiety Suicidal Thoughts Burnout Alcohol/Drug Abuse Anger Life Challenges Responsibilities Stress Illness Financial/Legal Concerns Conflict Parenting EAP What types of issues does an EAP address?

4 EAP Benefits for ESMEC Up to 6 Sessions Per Problem Episode including a full assessment and problem solving sessions. Additional Work/Life Benefits include: Legal, Financial, Childcare, Eldercare & Enhanced Website Referral Service and Liaison with Community Resources including Health Insurance Carriers Unlimited, Toll-free Telephonic Consultation Access to a panel of EAP Professionals nationwide 24/7, 365 day a year access to EAP Services

5 What Happens When I Call? Benefits of working with a Care Coordinator include: Assurance that all of your emergent needs are satisfied. Assistance connecting to the most appropriate local resources. You will connect with a Care Coordinator who will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs. The Care Coordinator will serve as your guide through the EAP process. Assistance facilitating communication with all parties involved in the case. Regular follow-up to ensure satisfaction

6 Will the EAP Counselor Really Keep My Problems Private? Shared information is held in the strictest confidence. BHS follows all State and Federal regulations for counseling. We do not release information without your written consent or requirement by law.

7 Contact a Care Coordinator 1-800-327-2251 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week *Language Line / TTY Accessible*

8 Legal & Financial Services Legal: Free unlimited initial telephonic consultation. Discounted rate available for services beyond consultation. Legal and Financial consultations are available for employees & household members. Financial: Free unlimited initial telephonic consultation. Conducted over the phone but may include electronic correspondence.

9 Childcare/Eldercare Services Every resource we offer is carefully screened. Referral packets will be received within 12 business hours of your call. Packets will include a minimum of three referrals, publications, brochures, and specific tip sheets related to the issue. BHS can provide up-to-date national resources and referrals for a range of needs.

10 Enhanced Website Services Adoption Buying a Car Debt and Bankruptcy Eating Disorders This comprehensive site offers a variety of articles, resources, online videos, and assessment tools related to general and mental health, legal and financial issues, and work and family balance. Here is a sample of some of the topics you can view on the site: Grieving Heart Health Investing Pregnancy Small Business

11 You can also visit us on the web: You can also visit us on the web: Username: ESMEC

12 Eastern Shore Maryland Educational Consortium Portal Educational Consortium Portal

13 Resources The BHS Website: Tip Sheets for a Healthier Workplace Unlimited Telephonic Consultation

14 Any Questions? Any Questions? Please contact BHS at 1-800-327-2251 Available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week

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