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INVEST EAP Ensuring a Healthy and Productive Workforce.

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1 INVEST EAP Ensuring a Healthy and Productive Workforce

2 Why Should I Consider an EAP? We all know that personal problems impact job performance and workplace morale Studies demonstrate that in any given year 20% of your employees will experience problems that reduce their productivity by 25% or more

3 And the Problem is even bigger than that… Unproductive employees often create widespread negative effects Substantial supervisory time is spent resolving these problems And if resolution is unsuccessful, hiring and retraining are costly

4 What kind of Problems are we talking about? Examples include: Drug and alcohol dependence Domestic violence Childcare Eldercare Financial problems Legal problems Workplace conflicts Workplace harassment and violence Family and marital problems Depression Anxiety

5 These problems result in huge financial costs for employers Annual costs of depression in US $12 Billion annually lost work days $11 Billion annually reduced productivity Costs of anxiety $20 Billion Cost of substance abuse $100 Billion Workplace violence $4 Billion Legal and financial problems, family problems cost Billions more!

6 Employers Want a Healthy Workforce 80% Fortune 500 companies use EAPs, Why? 1. To reduce absenteeism 2. To reduce injury and mistakes on the job 3. To reduce turnover 4. To improve productivity 5. To improve staff morale 6. To reduce supervisor time spent on employee problems

7 How do EAPs work? Short-term Counseling/Guidance Resources Referrals Wellness Education Workplace Training Organizational Development They Provide Free and Confidential Direct Access to: Family  Relationships  Workplace issues  Stress  Medical  Mental Health

8 INVEST EAP also ensures that supervisors, managers and HR staff have access to free Consultation We provide these professionals with support and information on how to respond to critical employee problems

9 Our EAP provides a complete menu of training options, including: Sexual Harassment Awareness Team Building Stress Management Conflict Resolution Drug Free Work Place Balancing Work and Family Domestic Violence Dealing with Difficult People

10 We provide emergency telephone access 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year Masters and Doctoral Level counselors available to directly answer employee phone calls

11 Quality and Experience We’re the only EAP in Vermont with our own counseling staff located statewide We’ve provided EAP services in Vermont for almost 20 years We provide services to over 50 organizations and 16,000 employees throughout Vermont And if you’re located outside of Vermont and/or have a nationwide workforce, we can provide similar high quality service to you as well.

12 INVEST EAP Ensuring a Healthy and Productive Workforce A partner in your organization’s success

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