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Coast Guard SUPRT Program

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1 Coast Guard SUPRT Program

2 ValueOptions Founded by Navy Psychiatrist
Recognized leader in providing EAP and Work Life Balance Services Over 30 years or providing these services Provide services to over 30 million lives including 6.2 million lives associated with the uniformed services

3 Range of Support EAP Counseling Consultations Work Life Balance
Legal, Financial and Tax Services Health Coaching Career Counseling for Dependents Training Critical Incident Support

4 General Eligibility Active Duty, Members of the Selected Reserve, Civilian Employees Family members

5 Reliable Access Accessed by 855-CG SUPRT or
Primary Call Center in Chesapeake, VA After hours handled by Central Night Services Disaster Recovery and Call Surge supported by multiple call Centers Website has redundancy for maximum service levels

6 EAP Counseling 12 sessions per problem on a rolling 12 month period
Master’s level counselors answer CG SUPRT line Face-to-Face counseling by credentialed network Telephonic counseling provided by licensed clinician Online Chat provided by licensed clinician

7 Consultation Telephonic consultation for managers, supervisors and commands regarding staff with performance issues due to personal concerns Partner with managers to develop effective strategies to assist staff Web-based tools, handbooks and videos Training on the CG SUPRT Program

8 Work Life Balance Child Development and Care Adult and Elder Care
Daily Living Issues Summer Camps Special Needs Children and Adults Parenting Skills Educational Resources for Children

9 Legal 30 minute free telephonic consultation by attorney
Referral to local attorney for free, initial consultation and 25% discount if the individual desires to continue Identity Theft Services Online legal tools and content

10 Financial and Tax Advice
30 minute telephonic consultation on financial concerns (there are no financial products or investments promoted) Online financial calculators and tools as well as content including videos and webinars Link to H&R Block specific website for the filing of Federal and up to three State tax returns for free

11 Health Coaching 45-minute sessions: different than EAP counseling
Online “chat” and telephonic options Online coaching modules: Living Series Length of coaching varies (5-6 months average)

12 Coaching Process Explore and assess Vision and establish areas of focus Goal development and plan Monitor progress and accountability Outcomes

13 Areas of Coaching Focus
Weight, time, or stress management Exercise and fitness Life transition: new baby, move, empty nest Responsible drinking Tobacco cessation Personal leadership

14 Plan Development Create SMART/MAP goals Commit to an Action Plan
Specific Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Passionate Commit to an Action Plan Discuss barriers, triggers, strategies Evaluate effectiveness of behavior-change strategies (ongoing)

15 Why Do Participants Work with a Coach?
Physical behavior change Empowerment Energy Support Accountability Perspective Self-confidence Resilience

16 Health and Wellness Coaches
Interdisciplinary team of health professionals Have degrees in health-related fields Certified in coaching Have clinical and behavior change expertise

17 Online Coaching Programs
• LivingEasy™, a resiliency and stress management tool • LivingLean™, a workshop to control unhealthy eating habits • LivingFree™, a course proven to help members stop smoking • LivingFit™, where members learn to make exercise a habit

18 Career Counseling Online web tools that assist with resume development, career planning and improving interviewing skills Telephonic support for dependents utilizing these tools Referrals to local assistance

19 Training 10 live program briefings via webinars and/or teleconferences
In-person orientations about CG SUPRT Numerous online webinars and videos including the LifeSpeak series

20 Critical Response Partnership that includes two tiers of service: supplemental trained clinicians deploy to the incident and corporate level crisis response experts added to the USCG team Trauma response network of trained clinicians numbering 4,000 nationwide available within 24 hours to travel Content and webinars available through

21 Website Award winning website with USCG customization
Thousands of vetted articles supporting over 200 topics Interactive tools, webinars and videos Customized online announcements Spanish content and navigation

22 Quality Assurance Specific USCG Training for staff
Annual Quality Assurance program evaluation provided included concerns and course corrections Complaints should be directed to the COR 2 tier approach to obtaining evaluation/satisfaction data

23 Promotion Brochure Video Quarterly e-bulletins on a variety of topics
CGSUPRT.COM announcements Organic touch points

24 855-CG SUPRT ( )

25 Next Steps

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