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A division of Center for Families and Children

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1 EASE@WORK A division of Center for Families and Children
EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Manager & Supervisor Training

2 Advantages of an EAP Benefit to employees for personal/job related concerns Resource for managers in supervising employees who express or demonstrate personal / performance related concerns

3 EAP: What Is It? Short term counseling Management Tool
Assessment & Referral Workshops/Seminars in community Resource & Referrals to Financial Advisors, Attorney’s and Eldercare and Child Care Specialists Short term counseling Management Tool

4 Who Does the EAP Help? Employees and Family Members Managers
Company: Productivity - Bottom Line

5 Is Confidentiality Assured?
YES!!! Counselors bound by state, federal law licensure requirements and professional ethics Offsite locations EASE/CFC is a private, independent entity

National Provider Network Utilization Reports 24 Hour Phone Line Publicity Materials Screening & Assessment EASE @ Work Workplace Seminars Information & Referral to Community Resources Employee / Management Orientation Sessions Alcohol/Drug Anxiety/Depression Children/Adolescent Eldercare Emotional Issues Grief Reaction Marital/Family Physical Health Sexual Harassment Stress Suicidal Workplace Conflict Problem Resolution Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Performance-Based Referral & Case Management Legal Counseling 30 Minutes Per Issue/Year Management / Union Consultation Financial Planning Assessment by Financial Advisor Referral for Psychiatric Evaluations Enhanced Elder Care Resource and Referral Enhanced Child Care Resource and Referral

7 The Mechanics of a Referral
Self Referral Supervisor / Manager Encouraged Job Performance-Based Management Referral Supervisor/Manager contact Human Resources Human Resources calls EASE Clinical Manager at for consultation Fax EASE Management Referral Form Employee calls EAP

8 The Process of Referring an Employee
Identify the Problem Document behavior Intervene / Refer Follow-up

9 Types of Performance Issues
Increased Absenteeism / Lateness Decreased Efficiency or Erratic Productivity Declining Interpersonal Relationships Deteriorating Attitude, Appearance and Behavior

10 Intervention Interview Guidelines - Do’s
Communicate clearly and directly documented details of the unsatisfactory performance Encourage employee to acknowledge that work performance problems exist Indicate to the employee that his/her performance must show improvement Recommend confidential consultation as provided by the EAP as a support to help employee reach their goals

11 Intervention Interview Guidelines - Do’s (cont.)
Assure the employee that the consultations / records with outside EAP provider will be confidential If you suggest EAP, it is important to recognize that an employee’s willingness or unwillingness to accept the EAP referral cannot be the basis for disciplinary action Attendance at the EAP is not a basis for continued employment. (Employment decisions should be performance based)

12 Intervention Interview Guidelines - Don’ts
Do not counsel the employee on health or personal problems Do not attempt to diagnose or label the problem Do not discuss drinking or drug use (unless as it relates to company policy) Do not discuss the employee’s performance problem with anyone except the Human Resources Manager, your manager and the EAP professional

13 Information Manager Receives
Whether employee contacted the EAP If a recommendation was made to the employee If employee accepted and followed through on the recommendation If EAP recommendation necessitates a change in employee’s work schedule (e.g. hospitalization)

14 How do I Access the EAP for Performance - Based Referrals?
Call Human Resources Call EASE Clinical Manager (EASE) Advise employee to call EAP counselor

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