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The Mysteries behind King Tut’s Tomb

2 Howard Carter Discovers Tomb, Dies.
Howard Carter was exploring the valley of the kings when he discovered a flight of stairs. It led down into a tomb. He had discovered King Tut’s tomb! However, soon after venturing into the tomb, Howard mysteriously died. His canary was eaten by a cobra, the very sign that protects King Tut. 

3 Inside the burial chamber were treasures and food
Inside the burial chamber were treasures and food. Many more archaeologists entered the tomb and died. In the year 1923, Lord Carnarvon was bitten by a mosquito while inside the tomb, and the bite was shaved which caused  it to become infected. He died the exact moment all the lights in Cairo went out. His dog began to howl the next day and suddenly dropped dead. This was now the second person who had died after visiting King Tut’s tomb.

4 Could the mysteries be solved?

5 Spoiled food? In 1986 there were many speculations about the sanitary conditions of the tomb. Many people came up with the fact that because there was food in the tomb, it spoiled and became a health hazard which is why people started passing away.

6 King Tut’s wife rumored to have supported the killing
King Tut’s DEath Experts say that a crushing blow had hit the back of King Tut’s skull, which experts have also concluded it had to be from behind, with crushing force, not something you injure in an accident. King Tut’s wife rumored to have supported the killing Sent a message to the Syrian Monarch asking for her to be allowed to marry one of his sons, before King Tut was murdered. Aye, Tut’s right hand man, has also been said to have been power hungry.

7 Other Causes of death linked to King tut
Other Causes of death linked to King tut. Are some more realistic than others?

8 A TUMOR COULD HAVE BEEN LINKED TO KING TUT, WHICH COULD EXPLAIN THE CRUSHING BLOW TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. King Tut is a well known hunter. Experts also say that an animal may have struck the back of his head, causing the indentation in the back of the skull.

9 King tut was also rumored to have been poised, and the striking blow to the back of his head may have come during mummification.

10 What Actually happened to those who were murdered?
Lord Carnavon before he entered the tomb, was reportedly very sick. Carnavon suffered from bad health for most of his life. Because he was bit by a mosquito, it was said that it may have contained some sort of disease, which ultimately led to his death.

11 Howard carter Howard Carter died of cancer in 1939, this alone is thought prove that there is no curse at King Tut’s Tomb Howard Carter Died 17 years after the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb, ruling out that it was the product of a curse.

12 What happened to King tut?
After many years of wondering why, how, or if King Tut was murdered, experts finally reach a conclusion. A recent CT scan revealed he died as a result of infection from a broken leg just above his knee, which possibly led to lethal blood poisoning.

13 What happened to king tut?
The Tumor that had developed in King Tut’s head was said to have happened as the young King was hunting came. Falling off the back of the chariot has seemed to be the most significant finding in regards to the tumor.

14 What Happened to king tut?
In 2010, a DNA analysis was taken. It showed that King Tut before his death had developed malaria. The infected broken leg along with the development of malaria have said to be the cause of King Tut’s death.

15 Does the mystery still live on?
Many of the explorers that have went through the pyramids were said to have been killed by the curse of the mummy. Eyewitness accounts have shown men in clothes from the 1920’s, wandering around the temples at night. No one knows the figures name, nor have they been able to catch it on camera.

16 Does the mystery still live on
Does King Tut still live on? Tourists have claimed to see a boy in the valley of kings. The boy has been reported asking for help, because his leg has been injured. King Tut maybe?

17 Does the mystery still live on?
Other tourists have heard many strange things in the Valley of Kings and the great Pyramids. The most common thing they have heard, have been what seems to be the sound of horse pulled chariots, what they used in ancient Egypt.

18 King Tut in the Valley? The Valley of Kings.
When midnight strikes, some claim that a chariot has been known to pass by that is driven by a man of short stature. He is dressed in a suit that hails from the days when ancient Egyptian kings ruled. The chariot is distinct because it is pulled by black horses. 

19 DO YOU BELIEVE? Many people in Egypt still believe there is some sort of paranormal, or supernatural activity surrounding the Valley of Kings. Unexplained events like people coming down with sickness, ghost appearances, and unexplained lights and sounds.

20 Conclusion Most of all the supernatural, and paranormal activity are all through word of mouth. Most sickness recorded after tomb visits have been because of unsanitary conditions.

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