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The Life and Death of Tut

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1 The Life and Death of Tut
King Tutankhamen The Life and Death of Tut

2 Who was King Tut? *Lived from 1343-1325 BCE *Took the throne at age 9.
*Father was Akhenaten- who changed Egyptian religion from polytheistic to monotheistic *Tut returned Egypt to its polytheistic religion *A Warrior King- Led his armies into many battles

3 King Tut’s Family Tree

4 King Tut’s Tomb! *Major discovery of the 20th century.
*Discovered November 4, 1922 in the Valley of the Kings by Howard Carter. *Elaborate Treasure! Remained hidden from tomb raiders thousand of years.

5 Entrance of Tut’s Tomb


7 Inside Tut’s Tomb

8 North Wall of Tomb

9 Tut’s Organs

10 Guard of Treasury Room

11 Tut’s Gold Coffin

12 Mummy of King Tut *What did we learn about King Tut??
He was approximately 5’11 He also enjoyed riding, archery, swimming, hunting and playing Senet, an Egyptian board game. Athletic and had youthful energy Took part in military campaigns



15 What did Tut look like? *During his reign, King Tut suddenly died at age 20. WAS KING TUT MURDERED????

16 Who Did It???? *Was it Ay, Tut’s Uncle who married Tut’s wife in order to assume the throne? *Or was it Horemheb, Tut’s aide who cooperated with Ay and became king after Ay?

17 Evidence from the Mummy?
*Blow to the back of the head. *Forensic experts think he may have been poisoned. *King Tut also had a broken leg *Tut could also have died from illness

18 WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!? *How do you think King Tut died?

19 Cause of Death *Many experts agree infection caused by a broken leg led to his death *Also DNA evidence shows that he was suffering from malaria at his death

20 Causes of Death *Blow to the back of the head now believed to have been caused by embalmers or Carter’s team, not murderers *Experts have ruled out murder, so Ay or Horemheb did not do it How did King Tut die?

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