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The Excavation of King Tut’s Tomb

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1 The Excavation of King Tut’s Tomb
By Ruby Farrier

2 The Discovery Howard Carter was an archaeologist and Egyptologist
He was excavating in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt In November 1922, he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun

3 Gold The tomb was hidden for 3,000 years
The seal on the tomb was unbroken Inside the tomb the first glimpse by candle light was of glints of gold

4 Wonderful Things Here are some of the 5,000 things that were found in the tomb:

5 Inside the Tomb The tomb had four main rooms: Antechamber
Burial chamber Treasury Annex

6 Map of the Tomb

7 Antechamber Included beds, baskets, stools and the pieces of four chariots These were objects used by the pharaoh in every day and would follow him into the afterlife

8 Burial Chamber Inside was the sarcophagus and King Tut's mummy
The walls were painted yellow with large murals of the king

9 Treasury Had many items such as shrines, chests and boats
In one carved wooden shrine covered in gold there were four jars The jars contained the king's organs

10 Annex Is the smallest room in the tomb
The tiny room was filled with oils, wine jars, food, dishes, board games and baskets There were 2000 objects found in there

11 The Mummy The king’s body was wrapped in many layers of cloth
In between the layers they found fine gold jewellery and daggers The mummy was contained in three nested coffins The final coffin was made of solid gold

12 King Tutankhamun He was known as the boy king, as he became pharaoh of Egypt at nine years old Tutankhamun means living image of Amun, the king of the gods Here is his name in hieroglyphics:

13 The Death of Tutankhamun
He died at the age of nineteen His tomb was small for a Pharaoh Archaeologists believed it was built for an Egyptian noble, but was used for Tutankhamun when he died at a young age

14 Curse of the Pharaoh When the tomb was opened rumours began to spread about the belief and fear of a curse Newspapers reported a curse inscribed on the door of the tomb A story was told that Howard Carter's pet canary was eaten by a cobra on the day he entered the tomb Legend has it that who dares to open the tomb will suffer the mummy’s curse!

15 Fun Facts about King Tut's Tomb
It is so hot in Egypt, archaeologists only worked during the winter season The tomb is called KV62. The KV stands for Valley of the Kings and 62 because it was the 62nd tomb found there King Tut's gold mask was made with 22 pounds of gold.

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