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1. What is Egypt famous for? Pyramids Sphinx.

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3 1. What is Egypt famous for?

4 Pyramids

5 Sphinx

6 2. What are in the Pyramids?

7 gold coffin 金棺 gold mask a gold box containing the king’s inside a gold box containing the king’s inside ear rings bracelet( 手镯 ) bracelet( 手镯 ) slippers



10 What might be discussed in the passage according to the title? Prediction

11 Howard Carter is a famous explorer and he discovered many amazing things. Read the first paragraph and then tell the general idea of the 1st paragraph. famous brave amazing A general introduction of Howard Carter Howard Carter

12 A. Carter’s hobbies B. Carter made some unexpected discoveries C. Carter’s family D. Carter’s school life Can you predict what the following paragraphs will tell us ?

13 Predicting information Read the title & find expectations Read the first paragraph Look for the key words in 1st para Predict the content

14 go through the article quickly and then answer some questions : 1.Who is Howard Carter? 2.What amazing discovery did Howard Carter make? 3.What happened to some of Carter’s team members after the tomb was opened? Listening and Fast Reading He is one of the most famous explorers the world has ever known. He found the tomb of King Tutankhamun. They fell ill and died.

15 a.There is a scientific reason why people died after entering the tomb. b. Howard Carter did not go to school and later became an explorer. c. Lord Carnarvon died after Carter visiting the tomb. d. Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun. e. Howard Carter is a world-famous explorer. f. The ‘curse of the mummy’ remains a mystery. g. More people died after Carter’s discovery. h. People keep wondering why so many people died and have suggested all kinds of explanations. Para 1 Para 5 Para 6 Para 3 Para 4 Para 2 Para 7 Para 8 Match the summaries with the correct paragraphs.

16 Read the passage carefully and then finish the following exercises. Careful Reading

17 Howard Carter (___________) 1874 - Job: Education : Interest : Went to Egypt : Discoveries : Greatest discovery: Year of the discovery : Where : 1939 explorer (by the 1920s) didn’t go to school, but learn to draw from his father loved visiting new places 1891 many amazing things 1922 Valley of the Kings, Egypt Para 1-3 King Tutankhamum’s tomb

18 Tutankhamun

19 The _____ of Carter’s teammates CharacterConnection with Carter and the tomb How did he die ? Pet bird George Gould Carnarvon’s ______, ______ the tomb eaten by a _____ Carter’s _________, ________ the tomb fell ill with a _____ had a high _____ died of _____ _____ Team ________ Not mentioned death provider fever friend fever heart trouble secretary entered visited present snake Carter’s member Lord Carnarvon Richard Bethell Authur Mace Money _________, was _______ when the tomb was opened _______ lucky pet bird led Carter to the tomb Para 4-5

20 __________ _______________ about the deaths. 1.Some people say: _____________ 2.Others believe: _________________ 3.A scientific explanation:_________ The mystery remains a ____________. riddle Conclusion : Different explanations Para 6-8 Coincidence The mummy’s curse viruses

21 Part 2: Part 3: Part 1: Para1--3 Para4--5 Para6--8 Howard Carter’s _________ and his _______ _____________after the discovery ____________________ about the deaths The curse of the mummy Summary experience discovery Strange deaths Different explanations

22 Consolidation Fill in the form according to the article. (One word only for each blank)

23 About Howard Carter Howard Carter, a famous (1) _______, discovered many amazing things during his lifetime for he was brave and (2) __________ about the outside world. In 1922, he (3) __________ the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Puzzling results Howard Carter and his workmen found a tomb, (4) __________more treasure than before. Lord Carnarvon fell ill with a (5) _________ and died in Egypt. George Gould, Carnarvon’s friend, had a high fever after (6) __________ the tomb and died. Argu -ments Some people say the deaths were just (7) ____________. Others believe that the mummy’s curse (8) _________ those who enter the resting place of the dead. A (9) ___________ explanation: The viruses inside the tomb (10) __________ in illness or death. explorer curious discovered fever visiting coincidence punishes scientific result containing

24 1.Do you think the mummy’s curse really exists? Why? 2. As students, in order to succeed, what kinds of personalities (性格) should we develop after learning the story of Carter? Why? Group work

25 Write a passage about the personalities we should develop in order to succeed and give your reasons.( No less than 120 words)


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